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In January: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: February 1, 2019 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

Almost the whole month from mid December till the beginning of January children were enjoying warm Italy.

After their return we organised a trip to Minsk for them to see Christmas play The road to Bethlehem, where they could actually be a part of real immersive theater. The theatre where you are a participant or better say actor yourself. You can’t just stand indifferent when angry roman soldiers are yelling at you telling to move faster.

They are looking down at us and making sure that we are following Christmas route.

And here is Mary and Joseph, real and alive, just like from the children’s Bible.

Children saw Herod’s castle. This mean ruler hasn’t issued the decree yet, but mother’s sensitive heart is frozen in fear already.

Chidren were also met by robbers on the way. And surely what story of The Savior ‘s coming to the world can be without an angel, in white clothes, in the sky and with a loud voice.

Without doubt the atmosphere of Bethelhem fare should be mentioned as well. Here you can forget about everything in the world because of a special spirit that is present here. Lots of retailers, lots of stuff for selling, real treats, Jewish dancing. You forget about everything, you don’t even feel the frost. At the end of the way children heard the story from a preacher about the meaning of Jesus’ birth. And of course we had dinner made by Valery. During the dinner children shared about how scarry and the same time very interesting it was to be there. Teachers from the orphanage were pleased with the idea of this project, too. Happy and content, with lots of presents, kids went back to Vileyka.. To look forward to new meetings.

In January: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: February 1, 2019 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

I would like to speak about one boy. I think that it’s only my observation, that he is one of the most naughty boys. But a special thing that I’ve noticed in him is that he always listens and participates in discussions in the best way. It’s amazing that he remembers the main reflections of the previous lessons. That’s why I always remind myself that only God knows a human’s heart and the ones He chooses, and we should only be tools in God’s hands and share the Gospel with every kid reaching to their hearts.

One day John the Baptist was asked:

“What should we do?”, and he answered: “If you have two coats, give one to someone who doesn’t have any. If you have food, share it with someone else”.

What can we share? Some people can share finances, some – their time or capabilities. But thought these things we can bring only opportunities in their lives, but they need the only unique place to warm themselves, to have the wounds on their hearts healed, to escape from rejection, betrayal and loneliness. We can give them love and tell them about the Great Love of God to all of His creation.

And where can we receive love, when we need to fondle and smother with kisses this thorny cold knob, who doesn’t know caress and tenderness, for whom it’s so hard to believe that love exists. Will you have enough strength, patience and wisdom to prove the true love in the face of impertinence and disobedience? So with God’s help we try to show love towards every kid and teach them the truth of God. During this month we were discussing the theme “Jesus chooses His disciples”. We discovered which traits the disciples possessed, what professions they had and who they were by character. We realized that each of us can be a disciple of Jesus, and one doesn’t need to be a master of theology for that. Another theme concerned the trust to God. We discussed the 6th Chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, where God says that he cares about the birds and wild flowers and all the more about the man, His best creation.