In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 3, 2019 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Hello everyone!  I would like to thank everyone who supports the ministry to orphans!  We believe that by serving orphans, we carry out the command of Jesus Christ to spread the kingdom to the ends of the earth.  And our bounds do not end only with our city, our limits are expanded in such a way that orphans have the opportunity, not once, but on an ongoing basis to understand the question of faith!

In April, we have visited the Belynichy orphanage weekly.  A special month not only because we covered such topics as “And who is my neighbor”, “Sin”, “Forgiveness”, but also we spoke about Easter.  Every year, coming to the orphanage, we see how the format of the ministry in Belynichy is changing.  Now it is not enough for teenagers and younger children to simply listen to the story, it is important for them to discuss what they heard with us and with each other.  So, in the topic of forgiveness, the children told how they forgive other children.  Previously, children could not, by virtue of their diagnoses, describe their feelings, but now we see that the changes have come.  In one of the lessons in which we talked about sin, the children told how they sin and what they do … I told that I have a sin and that it bothers me and the first thing that the children offered is: “Let’s pray and ask God for forgiveness. ”  Despite the fact that in my story there was an invented sin, the children did not laugh, but perceived that I was seriously telling and looking for a way out of the situation.  Some children offered to talk to them in private and also wanted to tell what was happening with them.  “I hurt my teacher because I am dabbling, the teacher often says so.”  “I stole candy and I am ashamed,” ” I constantly cheat.”  Each child has a story, but the purpose of our trips is to help children cope with their habits.  Children change when they realize the need for change.

Of course, on the eve of Easter, we touched on the significance of this holiday and it is clear that the new children who arrived recently do not quite understand what Easter means.  They associate this day with painted eggs and rolls.  And to convey the essence of the holiday to children of different ages, the puppet show team helped us.  At the end of the program, each child received a gift.

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