In June:“Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings to you brothers and sisters.  This academic year has finished.  Throughout the year, we witnessed how God has been changing children and how he has been answering their prayers.  More than 45 trips we made to the Rudensky orphanage.  Thank you for this year you were with us praying for life to change, and for children to have goals in life, and faith wich increases every day.  During this time we introduced the children to the New Testament, we talked about all the wonders of Jesus Christ.  We have seen how the faith appeared in children from meeting God.  We live in a world in which the orphans are isolated from society, and many children live in insult, unforgiveness, and the greatest fear is that everything in life can happen again.

Communicating with children, we see that they no longer believe that something good can happen in life.  The injuries that they received as a child stalk children through life.  This year, more than 15 people graduate from the orphanage.  The children who constantly came to us shared that it’s scary that they don’t know how the rest of their lives will be.  Fear in the eyes and a trembling voice shows the unreadiness of children to move to a new level!  We prayed for the children and talked about the fact that there are many churches where they can continue to learn about God, as well as this place where people will help them.  And we will come to visit with the team.  In June, when we came to the children, most of the new children aged from 8 to 10 came up to us and everyone wanted to be in the center of attention.  We see that children of this age are very lonely and they are looking for such friends who will not make fun of their peculiarities, but will accept people as they are.  We see that these children have the biggest dreams of getting new slippers.  Each of the children is special and interesting in its own way.  Looking at the children, we see how talented everyone is how they take care of stray dogs and cats by giving them their bread, which they decided to leave to the little animals.  We were approached by children from primary school and asked that we would visit them more often, because they miss us and like when we tell them about Jesus and also they love to play with us.  It is difficult now for the children who just arrived at the orphanage to adapt to everything: for the diet, daily schedule and the most important this is to adapt to the same orphans.  So, we see two or even three categories of children, the first who only came with the fear and pain the second category are children who have long been interested in learning new things and making friends and learn about God, and the third category of children are graduates for whom we need to pray  and ask God for protection.  We should pray that after leaving the school they could find church and that their lives will be good.

Years are flying fast, children grow up and it’s nice that together with you we can take part in the formation of personalities acquainting children with faith in God and also betraying life skills.

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