In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

 I would like to tell you about our trips to Belynichi in December. With the youngest kids we discussed such themes as “Job’s faithfulness”, “Birth of Jesus Christ”, and during one of the meetings we were doing crafts. I noticed that crafts is one of the kid’s favourite activities. During the ceative process we strive to pay more attention to personal help for everyone, to show care about the children, to let them reveal their creative potential and implement thier ideas. Doing crafts we always seek opportunity to communicate personally with every kid, but of course not always it is possible, because there’s only one hour to finish their handicrafts, and we want everyone of them to leave the lesson being happy. Sometimes it seems to me that our visits have no results at all. But receiving serious questions from the kids I understand and get assured that they hear and understand us. And only God knows every kid’s heart. And only God has strength to change hearts. I get surprised by their questions when they ask: “and when I die I will be with Jesus in heavens as long as I believe????” or “Will God forgive me if I believe???” Each trip provokes more changes in my heart than visible chages in kids which I expect to see. But the children do change, and it encourages us and brings much joy.I liked what one of the elder boys said to Dima: “During holidays time a lot of people come to us with merry programmes. But only you come to us for real because you tuly love us and want to be friends with us. I was touched by such sencere observations. The elder children had such topics this month: “Greed”, “Not simply a carpenter”, “Life of Jesus Christ”, “Not an ordinary Teacher”. By the example of Christ’s life Dima spoke about hope and, of course, delivered many other important thoughts to the kids. He told that each of us and of the children has the opportunity for changes in life. And that Jesus proved His love by His life, and now for us He is the true example, Teacher, Saviour. He is the one who understands us genuinely.

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