In September:  “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 1, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

 With the beginning of the new school year, we resumed trips to Rudensk’s boarding school. Children eIUX7eulhccreally missed for communicating with us and each of them had a desire to tell about themselves, something new andmsxhFui3ZCw interesting. That is why in our first arrival, we made a meeting with the guys in communication format and it was a true decision.

Lera told that all summer spent in the hospital and we supported her. Polina, constantly trained to play football and now she is a goalkeeper of the school team. Other guys d1330XUaYqklearned to work in the greenhouse, which we bought for school in the spring. Artem, studies the Bible and asked questions on those chapters that do not understand. Communicating and carefully listening to children, we show love to them and show zC4vuiEnfUceach of them that they are meaningful and valuable.

In our next arrival, we decided to repeat the topics from the Bible and started from the very beginning, with the history of the creation of the world. Many knew this truth and it’s good, and new guys heard about it for the first time and thanked 1NpKnPrgq78us for learning the truth. Last week, Dima spoke about the first people created in the image and likeness of God: Adam and Eve. On the first temptation and the first disobedience to God, as well as about what consequences this sin brought to our world. The guys listened very carefully, and then asked questions and shared their experiences and disobediences before God and teachers (who replace them with their parents). We see how the Lord opens the hearts of these children, brings his light and freedom in their lives. We rejoice in the fact that every year they change and become better, because the truth is forever frees them from lies and sin.


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