In October:  “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 31, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

We’re glad to continue traveling to the guys to Rudensky boarding school, despite any circumstances! Thanks to God for the ZQmWk1hLI58opportunity to be in this place with our dear children!uidMQDIaHKE This month we continued to study some biblical stories from the Old Testament. For example, we again remembered Noah and his ark, which was a good example of obedience and loyalty to God, as well as God, as a sign of his promise, presented to people a beautiful rainbow, which we can see after the rain. Later we talked about the history that occurred with Agar’s and her son Izmail in the desert. The guys were delighted with the fact that God hears the prayers of people even in the desert! We talked a lot about the fact that the Heavenly Dad hears us anywhere and at any time, as well as with love and joy takes any person what He is. And for b527DK0d5lgorphans, the issue of adoption is especially important, because each of them has survived the rejection and betrayal from the closest people in his life.vENSv7ZEg-c The next theme of this month was the history of the life of Joseph, which we wanted to reveal the most deeply. That is why we divided this topic into two meetings. With all these stories, we have already acquainted the guys earlier, but as many new children have appeared at the school, who first began to hear about God, we decided to go through the brightest and most significant biblical plots. It is very pleased that there are children who remember these stories and still independently read them in the Bibles.

qyn-h7FKLcYPg5CH53WHbwOne of my favorite moments during our meetings is the time of prayer. At such moments, we can see and hear in practice how God works in children’s hearts. After all, they learn to trust Him! It is joyful that more and more children go to prayer and sometimes there are so many that we do not have time to fit during our meeting! Children pray about the healing of their educators who are now sick, pray that their parents are liberated from dependencies and were able to pick them up. Senior girls pray that God healed them both physically and mentally!

Dear friends, we will be grateful if you support the prayer of these children, as well as our team! Thanks to all those who are not indifferent to the ministry to orphans!

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