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In March: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Hello, everyone! After a long personal break in ministry, my first visit was to orphanage in Rudensk. It was iJLyH2YhXSEgreat to see the faces of the children again, to notice the positive changes and to be happy about their successes! This month we have finished the series of topics on Jesus Christ and the miracles He performed during His life. The one thing they all had in common was that God is always there, He is here, He hears and is ready to reach out and do miracles in the lives of those who still believe in Him today! For many these truths were key. The kids knew firsthand what loneliness, rejection and abandonment were. But the news that there is Someone Tu12bevtElMWho cares, Someone who loves them and is willing to solve their problems made many of them think, and it was visible in their faces. That’s what’s important to them every day. That’s what really gets to them. A memorable moment was when, after our conversation, Sasha offered P_20220323_190454_vHDR_On_pto pray for the fears the children have. We were divided into small groups and the guys began to tell what was bothering them. It was touching that they were asking us to pray for their parents, who had abandoned them, and for the war between Russia and Ukraine to be over as soon as possible. The guys, who need love so badly, clearly understand how the world needs love, so that all the terrible things that are happening now would stop. At moments like that you understand thatuvm3E_Mr3qo everything that is being said through us is not in vain. And even if now there are no clear and visible results of repentance, which sometimes you desire so much, but I believe that for each of us God has his own plan of salvation! At the end of the month, we began a series of topics on David that we plan to continue next month. We hope that these topics will also be relevant and from the example of David’s life, they will be able to see the benefits of living with God!

P_20220323_190956_vHDR_On_pI would also like to share a story that happened at one of the meetings. Two middle school boys come to us who are friends, but also often have rivalries and conflicts. One of them believes in God and actively tries to bring the other to our Bible lessons. The other, in turn, has often ridiculed him because of his faith. But after talking about the miracles of Jesus, we showed the boys a movie “The Girl Who Believes in Miracles,” which was a good representation of the reality of His miracles in our day. After that, the boy who had been teasing his friend changed his mind and said to his friend the following words, “Okay, okay, you better believe in your God always and in everything!” Personally I was strengthened by this situation and smiled, because even if by small steps, faith is sprouting in the hearts of our beloved boys! Praise God! He is great!

In February: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: March 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

Greetings to you, brothers and sisters! Thank God for the opportunity to be part of the spread of God’s D_Qo7NJossokingdom in the Belarusian land! In February, we actively visited the Willian boarding school. This month we talked about the importance of choosing friends, that it depends on this decision, which will be with our lives. We noticed that the guys often don’t know how to express their opinions, so to defend it and we have to explain m3WJvKW2QaAand learn that it is very important! We want to break the statistics, which suggests that every fourth orphan child is in prison. “Right friends help you to succeed, and not quickly earning through theft” – we said. There are such a problem with girls who are simply manipulated by their girlfriends, which is why the latter will not take place at all and receive professions that were simply imposed on their more influential girlfriends. After all, by communicating one on one, the guys themselves talk about this problem. Also, we talked about 14 truths of love on Saint Valentine’s Day. We revealed, on how young people are qfndIHjAmrIbeing built and what kind of love phases are being built. We talked about five phases: And the first of them – the baby loves himself. And we said: “Guys, take care of such a relationship, because when the person loves only himself, he cannot respect, appreciate and maintain his half and these relationships always bring pain.” The second phase is parental love. This is when the girl wants only one thing – to be the center of attention and if something goes wrong, she stoppedtK6PP2cNWe0 (2) admiring and she is not in the center of attention, the relationship is the end. We wanted to show it that dad is spinning near your daughter, but sometimes the guy or a girl is not a parent, but just a person who also expects response actions. The third phase is friendly love. We said that in this relationship a guy or a girl expects that these relationship will bring me and how personally I will look with this person, as well as how everyone will envy us. The fourth phase is youthful love. This is a stage of trial and error! We start looking WB8uOxl7wGwfor friends and understand who we like, and who does not. Fifth phase – Mature love. This is when you think about how to help your friend become better. But during the meeting, the guys say that real love is a romance, if it is, it means that there is love. Someone said that real love is when you have sex. And then we began to explain that love are often confused with lust and sex. But all this is not love! In the films, everything looks like this, but everything is different in life! Young girls in their 14 or 15 years learn about their pregnancy, and guys throw them. So, what is the love? Many questions were interesting observations. Thank God that we could openly talk about it! We also talked about the wonders of Jesus, about the fact that faith is stronger than doubts. On the tKxDM11UdsMYDYbkBn9xV4example of the daughter of Jair, we talked about the fact that there will always be people who will put our faith in doubt. And the guys began to tell how they are fusing them that they are believers. Also, not to doubt, have the right friends who will not destroy faith and part with those who always doubt and does not believe in anything. After all, such people themselves do not achieve anything in life and only judge everyone. And the last thing we discussed are the words of Jesus: “Do not be afraid! Just believe! ” In the last visit, the guys talked a lot about Ukraine, about what worry about people and that the war did not throw in Belarus. We were generally banned to pray in Vileyka, but the guys asked to pray that God would save Ukraine, Russia, as well as Belarus. Hard times unite! Thanks for your prayers! Be blessed!