In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. I thank God for the opportunity to visit the Belynichi photo_2023-05-05 00.03.02boarding school in April. This month we talked a lot about faith. At our meetings, we discussed Bible stories for example the saturation of five thousand people. This story OvwVj0B6LQgshows us care of Jesus Christ. Before making the miracle, Jesus took two fish and five loaves. Also, this story showed the guys that in order to get your miracle, you need to entrust your fish and your bread to Jesus. The miracle was obvious, the people rejoiced and had fun, but all this became possible only when one boy gave his food to God. When we trust God with our natural needs, this is the manifestation of faith. We said that faith is always a challenge. We can’t just sit and pray and do nothing, the story of the saturation of five thousand people tells us that we also have to act and then God will change the situation whatever it will be in your life. The next topic was the healing of the lepers. Ahd36LLr4ZEWith this story we showed that you need not only to ask for something, but also to thank. The story showed that ten lepers came to Jesus and they received their miracle. But only one returned to thank God. At the meeting there was a boy Gena, he had skin problems, and p6ZJ7N6jBJkthen he came up, showed his hands and said: “I also want to be healthy”. We prayed for Gena. Later the administration found out that there is a special laser that helps wound healing and we were able to buy it so that children who have health problems could warm up, and those who have problems with skin could be treated. Thank God, Gena’s wounds are gradually healing. On the next trip we talked about the resurrection of Lazarus. The story shows the close friendship of Jesus and Lazarus. One new boy said: “I also want to be friends with Jesus, because He is faithful”.fd8MEw3qFiI It was the friendly attitude that most affected the guys, because they often see only betrayal. “A real friend”, – said Artyom, – “is much appreciated in the boarding school as there can’t be many of them! Only one or two”. We are glad that we had the opportunity to talk about friendship and about the relationships that exist in the boarding school. But the story ended with the resurrection of Lazarus. We said God’s faithfulness lies in the fact that when the time comes, God will raise us from the dead and we will be with our loved ones and with Jesus. We also sing songs at meetings and often we see how children want us to do different movements from songs with them. When the meetings are over, many people want to pray and then we realize that faith comes from listening to the word of God. We understand that faith is usually instilled from childhood at home or in church. But boarding school is a special place where no one can come, and the children themselves cannot go to church. That is why serving orphans is so important. Thank you very much for your prayers about serving children! Blessings to you, friends.

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