Rudinsk :: June 2011

Posted: July 14, 2011 by rjhaines in Rudensk
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Greetings to you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, those who also can’t be indifferent to the lives of orphans in Republic of Belarus!

Praise the Lord for this past month! In June we saw how good and merciful our Lord!

Not depending on all difficulties connected with economical crisis in our country, God has been faithful and continuing to care about the ministry among orphans!

We would like to tell you a little bit about what has happened during this month. One day when we came to orphanage in Rudinsk, it was raining hard. But in spite of the weather children were running on the street. We had a time when we could communicate with the kids.

It was a good time! While some children were sitting with us in the summerhouse, others were enjoying the rain. With happy scream they were running barefoot on the puddles. I was attentively watching them. Probably, someone would notice their wet cloths, and began to worry about them getting sick. But besides this I noticed something that’s more important: these children can rejoice!!!

Yes, they don’t have parents, they don’t have nice cloths, and not always they get a lot of attention, but they haven’t forgotten how to rejoice! They still can smile!

They see happiness in simple things. I was watching on happy faces of these kids during the rain and wanted to pray that God will care for every kid! We want to pray that all the difficulties of their lives will not break them, but get them closer to God!

I’m thankful to God for the opportunity to go to these kids! I’m happy to tell them about the Saviour, spend time with them, give them attention! They don’t need sweets, they don’t need expensive cloths! They wait that somebody will communicate with them, care for them!

They attentively listen to everything what we’re telling them during our meetings.

When we were sitting in the summerhouse and speaking with the kids, I asked one girl: “What are you thinking about when it’s raining?” And her answer surprised me and made me happy. She answered: “When it’s raining, I think about you’ve told us about Noah! That he was building the boat and then it’s been raining for 40 days! And how God cared for Noah and all the animals during all those days!”. These kind of answers will be always memorized in our hears!

For me it was a huge encouragement! Cause I see that God is acting in every small heart! Some hearts are opened for Him already! Some hearts just started to open up! But I know for sure that we shouldn’t stop and we should continue to work with these children!

I believe that everything what we do in the orphanages has a huge value in God’s eyes! Because of this I’m thankful to God that there are people who give the part of their finances to this ministry! Let God reward them and give them much more!

  1. Hello, I am with Children of Chernobyl North Carolina, USA. We partner with an orphanage in Rudensk, the director is Valenteen. Is this the same Rudensk orphanage that you work with? Please reply so I can hear more about what you do. Thank you!

    • Dobr9k says:

      Hello! My name is Dmitri. We have been visiting the Rudensk orphanage more than 4 years and built very good relationship with administration of this orphanage, which helps us to organise different programmes, which are aimed to help children physically and emotionally. During our ministry in this orphanage we have conducted sport team games, taught children to sing songs, organised concerts, plays, Christmas shows, we also had crafts lessons and virtues lessons taught from the Biblical perspective.
      Our team believes that without faith and right direction in life it is hard to get big results in the modern world. We also try to support children who left the orphanage and went to different cities of our country.
      This is just brief information about what we are doing in the Rudensk Orphanage. We would like to know more about what you do.


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