Grozovo. June 2011.

Posted: July 20, 2011 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Grozovo
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“Grace and peace to you from our God and Lord Jesus Christ”, dear brothers and sisters! Because of God we’re continuing our work with orphans in the orphanage in Grozovo.

In June we went to the orphanage regularly. Communicated, played, and just spent time together! Praise the Lord that children were opened for communication with us! Now it’s summer, and a lot of the children have left the orphanage: some of them were taken abroad for some weeks, some went to the camps!

Now is the time when God is showing that we’ve got friendship with these children and we’ve got trust of these kids! Very often they call us, write to us! They tell us how they spend their time. And they show us that they miss us! Every call from them and every message from these children is very precious to us, because we can see that we are not strangers to each other anymore! And it means that through our love and attention we can change the hearts and destinies of these children! And we can see that they listen to us when we tell about the most important in this world –  about the love of God!

It is a very blessed time, because we can have closer relationships with children, with those who has stayed in the orphanage for summer. We can see that they have nothing to do these days. They are sad and bored.

One day we’ve decided to bring more joy to the children and have some celebration with them!

We’ve decided to have “Happy birthday party”! And one of the girls had birthday that day! And it was so amazing for me to see that she didn’t expect any gifts, didn’t expect something special. The only thing that she said on the phone to me was: “I just really want you to come to me today!”

We decorated the dining-room, bought some cakes and gathered at the big table. Had some good conversations with the children, and it was great to see that they’ve enjoyed time with us!

But most of all I remembered this little girl this month! Her name is Masha. To be honest, my heart shrinks when I watch her! Her outward appearance is similar to the boy’s appearance: skinny body, small face with big sad eyes, thin arms and legs, short hair. You can see that no one takes care of her. But she is very affectionate, she loves when someone gives her a hug! She is only 5 years old, but she is very independent, and you can see maturity in her eyes as maturity of adult people. She has difficult character, and you can see that she needs some upbringing and care. It’s sad to watch how the children that are older offend her. This month we had to talk to the children several times that they should protect and support the youngest , and don’t offend them.

Often I have this memory coming up in my mind, when Mashenka is running towards to me, with her opened arms and with happy smile on her face!

And I see the sense in our trips to the orphanage, cause at least we can bring some warmth and love in the lives of children, just like Masha’s life. We want to believe in the best for these kids! We want to pray that they will get foster parents! Cause Masha, 5 years old girl, has experienced so much, that some of the people haven’t experienced during their lives!

I believe that God doesn’t give us meetings with these children in the orphanages by accident!

Someone with your prayers, someone with your attention, someone with your finances can serve God and these kids!

And I believe that God won’t leave these children!

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