Our ministry in July 2011

Posted: August 2, 2011 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Uncategorized

The beauty is to see unusual thing in every day of our life.

In July God has blessed us in the ministry for orphans! We communicate with the children from two orphanages! Also in this month, we met with orphanage’s graduates! 

One of the girls shared her joy with us! 

She began to study at the university in Minsk. We like this information, because it will be the opportunity to communicate more with her.


In July God has given the opportunity to take girl Masha from Grozovo. She is 5 years old! Its was great time for communication with her!


This month we go to  orphanage in Rudensk many times. We communicated a lot with the children! We playing volleyball, watching movies, talking with the children.  We looked one cartoon about lie. I remember the reaction of one boy, when we were watching a cartoon. When he saw that the boy in the cartoon lying he said to me: “it is better if he told the truth! When you lie, then you have a lot of problems”. 

It is pleasant to realize, that the children are getting better. It is very important to explain them what is good and what is bad right now!

Children like to talk with us! I see that our opinion is important for the children! 

One girl told about her life, and said that it is difficult to forgive and to understand her parents.

 I often hear such kind of stories! The big problem in children’s life – it is their parents!

 It’s  difficult for children to understand why the parents have abandoned them!

 We always say for children that they have The Father who loves them more than anything in the world! 

We believe that God won’t leave these children! And we always said it for them.

I’m thankful to God that there are people who give the part of their finances to this ministry!

Let God reward them and give them much more!

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