In August…

Posted: September 11, 2011 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

I’m grateful to God for He never leaves His children. I thank Him for the miracles He made inside our ministry during August. In August we continued to visit orphanages, took children for the week ends, went to camps where kids from orphanages had rest. It was very pleasant to see that children are glad to see us. They always ran towards us when saw us coming. And at the camp the said afterwards their older brothers and sisters had come to visit them. It’s great to realize that due to God we became a real family for them. They love us and share all the problems. They are not tired of telling us the important details of their lives.
Communicating to them we understand how much we can influence these kids.
While talking to one of the girls in an orphanage and listening to her love story I realized that their understanding of life is very damaged. They don’t know the real sense and value of friendship and relationship.

Girls and boys date but don’t know totally what is real relationship, normal family.

They don’t know how to build healthy relations. We spend much time talking to them, sharing our lives’ situations, experience and always try to advice. It’s great that even orphanages’ administration considers children trust us and listen to our advices.
I can only say that those people who make money sacrifice for this ministry to help these children out – they input their money into smth eternal and really valuable as the communication with these kids changes their lives, destiny and understanding of the world as well.
God bless everybody who has not indifferent heart to orphans.

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    Слава Богу, что детей считают вас семьей! Вы молодцы! Это ваша огромная победа!
    И большой шаг на пути к спасению детей.

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