In October: Rudensk orphan ministry

Posted: October 26, 2011 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Dear friends, I want to tell you, about our recent visit to boarding house in Rudensk. After arriving there, we were greeted by children with joyful faces and wide open arms. They are all different: there were those who wanted to get more attention; there were those who gesticulating, talked about how they worked hard or how their teachers treated them unfairly; there were also those who always embarrassed were close to us and felt happy when they were treated friendly or paid attention to them. Dinner time came various groups of children passed by. Many of them waved to us with their hands in greeting, or came to greet personally. It was obvious how important it is for them to say hello to each adult and feel that he is important to someone, even if he was not familiar to us.

After dinner, I felt very closely to my helplessness to these orphaned children. When another group of children left the dining room, the teacher stopped the kids to count them. These moments seemed like an eternity for me because a few pairs of children’s eyes stared at me. They just looked into my eyes. Said nothing, did not respond … just looked. There were not many of them, but we went to the other, also small group of children. And I realized that everything I can do – is to pass at least to a few of these children the love that God has given me.

After them a group of children which I knew appeared and we agreed to spend time together. The theme of this evening was the statement that “God created us special and we are important to God.” In this group there were 8 children of different ages – from about 6 to 8 years. First we played a game in which every child participated. It was obvious that they like to receive attention and appreciation from us and from their peers. After that, we sang a song with the movements about friendship, which had already learned. Despite the fact that not every child was able to pronounce words correctly, they were moving actively, showing the meaning of words by their movements. Then we watched together a cartoon about that each of us is important to God. And after the cartoon, we repeated the basic idea of a little mystery guessing that children once had heard that every one of them is unique, created by God and is important to God. At the end of our stay, we learned the new children’s song, which said that “in the palm of God there is no hunger, no orphans, and everyone can find a place there.”

At this time in another room the communication with the senior guys was over. This meeting organized the other part of our team. And soon we said goodbye to the guys got in the car together and drove home.

Thanks to God that He allows us to give His love to orphans. But thanks to you, dear friends, for your help in this service, both material and prays. God bless you!

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