In August: Camp “Purpose Driven Life.”

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Greetings to you my friends!
I thank God for what He has blessed us with just an amazing camp! Thank you very much for your support, both prayerful and financial! Thanks to God and to your participation could place our camp!
Throughout the year, we prayed that the summer camp could take place, and a lot of guys could relax and learn of a loving God. We prayed and believed that God himself will be present to bless the children, and keep them in the camp. And it did, it was a special time for special blessings!
Our camp was called “The Purpose Driven Life.” The camp was planned for teens, but God always makes adjustments in the lives of people and there were also ten children aged from 6 to 10 years. There were 43 children in the camp and fourteen leaders. The camp was attended by children from three boarding schools. Among them were several deaf children. We are very chew those guys, as this was our first experience with these children, but God has blessed and given us the opportunity to get close with these guys. The Lord showed that the open heart overflowing with love of God, is able to withstand even the language barrier. Although in the first two days we were in a panic, because we did not know how to make contact with deaf children. We thought this is something that is not real and shut! But a 3-4 day we realized how these children are open to dialogue and to the adoption of the Biblical truths. Moreover, God revealed what they see how much our mood and how much they are analyzing our every action. Thank God for these guys and for a new experience in our ministry!

Ten unforgettable days! Despite the fact that the camp lasted only ten days, this time it was really a turning point in the lives of many children. Mutilated fate cursed life – this is what always depresses orphans. But in the ten days we have tried to give children hope, that life can change, that everything is under the control of God. That Jesus came into the world in order to take the lives of people crippled, cursed life, rejected the heart, heal every pain and give seeking freedom. Spoke as the children themselves, “This camp was not just camping, because I had never once tried to run away from the orphanage, because that’s what I felt like boarding or who do not fit. I thought that my life has no meaning. But in this camp, I met Jesus, and c is in the camp, I realized that someone carefully replaced the valueof my life so that I did not die. ” Such comments guys just can not leave us indifferent. Camp – a great time to reassess life values!
In addition, the camp – is a meeting with God. It is here that says a lot about how to build relationships with people, how to set goals in life and how to move toward established goals and dreams. But the main thing is that it is God who is the engine of success, it is God who helps and especially blesses the children – followers! With God’s world takes paint and appears the goal is not just to live life and make each day memorable and unique. Life is too short to live without God! That Christ is willing and able to heal and maintain. Every day in the camp was not just a day, and this struggle. We were with the team in the post, because they saw how Satan opposes and it is constantly working to ensure that children do not come to terms with God. But thanks to the power of God and prayer support of many people, some of the guys in the camp received Christ into his heart. There were those guys who often wondered how to commit suicide, but it is through this camp, we were free to talk to children about the value of every human life.
We are overwhelmed with the most joyful emotion, because about fifteen young people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior true! The guys describe their feelings in the following words: “It feels like the chip on my shoulder had fallen! I do not know why, but after a prayer of repentance, I felt relieved, there was peace. ” During prayer, repentance, we prayed to God for that He destroyed ancestral curse, that he stepped in and changed the fate of these children. Now, we believe that God is able to change the life of children, especially those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior. We believe that this camp was the start of a new life for the children, but now with our Heavenly Father! Please also pray for the future impact on the lives of these children, because few pray a prayer of repentance, it is important and appropriate to live life! Therefore, pray, please, that the repentant children continued to seek God in your life!
With gratitude and respect, the team of the ministry to orphans in Belarus!

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    “fifteen young people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior true! The guys describe their feelings in the following words: “It feels like the chip on my shoulder had fallen! I do not know why, but after a prayer of repentance, I felt relieved, there was peace. ””
    Слава Богу! Слава Богу! Слава Богу! 🙂

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