In October: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: October 24, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Hi, everybody!
I’d like to share with you on our October events. This month we have completed the lecture series “Jesus you didn’t know” where we wanted to present Jesus from different angles: as a carpenter, mentor, as the intercessor, the one who was born to advocate before His father on our behalf. The kids were all attention as they used to have another image of God in their mind. And now in this series of lectures they had a chance to get to know God as He is – unique in His love.
We also devoted a whole week to playing football. We split into several teams that competed either in 5-minute games or until there was a two-nil score. Such rules made the play a challenging and intensive one. In the process the kids learnt to understand and appreciate the true meaning of having a team spirit. It is not random players but a team united that wins the game. Sports events also helped us to get closer to each other and we had great fun, of course. It was an amazing gift of God when we could not only get a healthy physical exercise but also be there for our wards.
We also communicate via social networks where we can comment on each other’s posts. For example, there was a story when one guy didn’t know how to help his friend and I left a commentary that there is the One who has all answers and you should only ask Him for help. I don’t know whether the guy prayed at last or not but I know he heard me and saw an alternative choice on how to deal with problems in one’s life.

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