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In November:“Ministry for kids-orphans younger age”

Posted: November 30, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC08738DSC08861I want to share with you a little bit about the events, that we’ve had this month.
Right now we’re trying to be active in ministering to kids from 7 to 10 years old. As I noticed, children of this age are more sensitive and need to see love and care in a special way. What we are doing with them is having bible lessons. We’re telling them amazing stories about biblical heroes, such as David, Josef, Moses. And also they like to make hand made stuff, paint and play!
This month all the kids had holidays. I had an opportunity to take three girls to my place. It has been good time both for them and me. I loved the time that we had together! We were able to learn practical things together, which will be DSC08699DSC08667important during our lives. I’m teaching them how to cook, be tidy, but the most important is that I can see their problems. Then we’re learning how to solve those problems together, at the same time changing something in our character and behavior. And also we’re learning how to do good things for other people. Besides, we’re practicing praying together.
If you’re taking care of orphans and bless them, God will never leave you without His blessings!

In November:”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2012 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

DSC08596What do children face with every day? How do they spend this day? What hopes and dreams have these children?
“You are a loser” – constantly spreads through orphanages, which we visit! But in contrast to this, our team is constantly talking to children about the pursuit of goals and the ways to achieve them and about the fact that “God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong”! I once spoke with a teenager from Belynichi orphanage. His name is Arthur. From a conversation wiDSC08889th him, I realized that the label “loser” stick very often to him. “What’s next, Dima? I think I really can’t do anything special in my life. After all, we were told so many times that we cannot achieve anything, and even our educational program, is not like in a regular school. “With these questions, we are facing more and more.
Ruined values lead us to despair, and those who must inspire and give sometimes, just destroy it, as in the example of Arthur. But Arthur is not alone in his problem. Pretty much every time, we hear such statements from other boys and the girls. MoreoveDSC08930r, children very often consider themselves useless and worthless. The adult world, unfortunately, does not accept children with peculiarities!
This month we have had several meetings with the children from the orphanage in Belynichi. We tried to make emphasis on the love and acceptance of God. Because God loves man, and especially children! On the example of the last lesson, when talked about the life of heroes of the faith, like Joseph and Moses, we demonstrated that whatever happens in one’s life, God had everything under control. In spite of all the circumstances that just crush you, God is near and He does care about what happens to you. An eDSC08906xample of biblical heroes showed that due to their obedience and fear of God, He particularly took care of them. And in this country, if we are obedient and have the fear of God, our lives will be transformed and changed completely. Difficulties remain, but through these difficulties will have comfort, because now we have hope. The hope is that God is near and that he is able to support when it is most needed.
Advent is coming – it’s time of waiting of Christ’s birth and asserting that the Christ is alive to this very day. It can help everyone who needs it. Every kid dreams to leave orphanage as soon as possible. They dream that the words they constantly heard DSC08931as a curse would never be spoken to them again. After leaving the orphanages they enter the adult life for which, as many years’ experience shows, not everyone is reedy. But there are also examples of guys who after graduation have chosen the right path, and their lives changed. Now they are successful people (as they say), because their heart belongs to God. They go to church and do ministry.
Dear friends, let us pray that the children who are in orphanages, acquire saving faith and hope. And also let’s pray for those who have accepted Christ into their heart and so that sown seed brought forth fruit in his time to the glory of God!

In November:“Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: November 24, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

As usual, we had organized several trips to Grozovo boarding. We tried to diversify as our program. One November Tuesday we had stag and hen party in the orphanage. In the men’s company talked about what makes a man a real man (by the way, the guys were talking in the gym). But the girls retired to the classroom to raise the issues of personal hygiene. Both meetings were held in a good atmosphere, but it is to say that now the number of children attending our meetings, reached a minimum. Although this is one advantage: we can pay more attention to those who are coming – still, it’s a sad fact. After all, if the kids have lost interest in our common pastime, so we need to change something. When we arrive, we see that they have much, much more interesting ways to spend their time. You can, of course, try to justify the fact that the children in this school got fed up of all kinds of goods and attention on the part of foreigners who visit them twice a year, who come to Belarus to provide financial assistance to the school, and to organize leisure time for children. But we will not tolerate any excuses for ourselves to achieve the goal – the hearts of these children. So now as a team we will look for new approaches to these guys, we will land in the ideas, we will diligently seek the keys to the heart of every child!

In November:“Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 23, 2012 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Of all our trips to Smilovichi Asylum I liked the one that took place on November 22 the best. My heart was full of contradictory emotions. On the one hand I was happy to see the kids running to us for a hug. But on the other hand I was upset by seeing so many unhappy new-comers. More and more kids are under risk of growing without a family. Smilovichi’s wards are those whose parents are alcohol or drug addicts and are under arrest or on medical expertise. During the six months of their detention until the court motions a decision, the kids would have to live at the asylum. All those kids dream of a family – whether it be their original or adopted one, and they all dread to be sent to an orphanage.
On November 22 we were discussing Samson with the kids. We talked how important it is to be obedient and what are the consequences of our being disloyal to God. Then the boys played a game where they playfully competed against much stronger adults. And the girls were on a cheering team. It was nice to see how the kids supported and encouraged each other.
After our main Bible study we had group discussions. In my small group there were three 8-year olds. We constructed a dungeon with them and had a talk. I asked them what wish would they address to God and their answers broke my heart. Vanya said he didn’t want anything or anyone after his brother had severely beat him with his friends. And Lera said she’d like to have her mother at all her Birthday parties. These were such sad words. There are so many wounds and scars on those little hearts.
The time flew on that memorable night. We had to say good-bye to the kids and go back home. When I got to my cozy house and kissed my husband, I still couldn’t get rid of the unhappy thought of what uncertain future was awaiting those little ones.

MOVEMENT “Belarus without orphans”

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