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In December: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: December 31, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC09152 We have had a very special time this December. I had to substitute one of our leaders and take up a group of toddlers. What to chose for the content of the lesson and how to organize it became my greatest challenges. I was dismayed to see that I absolutely forgot the language of the small children. That’s why I think I couldn’t make children listen to me at first. Nevertheless, I had learnt on my mistakes and by the end of the month I became more efficient in my lessons. Some of the kids got really interested (the ones I expected less to do so) and even learnt by heart the ten commandments that we had been studying.
I also recollect with pleasure how surprised the older kids were to see when they dropped by that I never lost my temper with the little ones when they misbehaved themselves. DSC09155They all got so used to be shouted at, that patience and long-suffering felt so unnatural for them.
There is a long road ahead of us that we have to take to learn how to help these kids get rid of their fears, become free from the pain of the victims they had become after their families broke up and healed from the scars of constant humiliation, disbelief, lost faith in free will and free choice each of them possesses. Без имени-1We believe that this personal development is possible to take place in their lives even in the environment they have been placed to live in. If we didn’t truly believe in change we would never make any effort to influence the present lives of the orphans thus altering their future.

In December:“Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: December 30, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC09193I want to share that surprising we had in December … December, this time when we communicated with children and girls in private. We had no general lessons, but we, team, divided all children into with whom it would be easier to it to communicate and be on friendly terms and also whom it could influence more. It was made in order that it is better to become friends and become even closer to them. Through our influence, communication in private, children can open that won’t tell at all. Communication in an informal form, are ringing, fm4Sos34FCEcorrespondence is that allowed to become more native for them, they began us to trust more. The attitude of many children towards us changed for the better, we saw and learned about their sore problems, could pray and give advice in the decision. At the end we always gathered where remembered Christmas, F1opofhA8tAand for what Jesus Christ came and that He brought the birth to this world. After that, we always blessed children through a prayer … All this shows our attitude to them, changes something in the spiritual environment of this boarding school and life of children … Especially to me arrival of 25.12.2012 because they didn’t wait for us as the majority of children parted was remembered … But with those who was we spent wonderful time, having presented it the happy moments. It is pleasant to them when someone loves them, wants to play, communicate with them, simply comes for the sake of them. Many don’t understand it, but see love which is shown in constancy, in aspiration to help them with life, Без имени-1to inspire or simply to embrace and tell that “you are the cool friend”, “let’s meet next time”. I am inspired by our team, its victim time, resources, rest … Thank God that looking the fatigue, everyone seeks to light fire in the hearts of children and each other!

In December: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: December 29, 2012 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

My dear friends! I’d like to tell you about our trips to Rudensk orphan school this month.

DSC09078 DSC09212DSC09088   Starting from the very beginning of the month, we were providing Advents, the holidays to remind about Jesus Christ contribution in this world. These holidays were to remind us that Christ brought us Glory, Peace, Love, and Hope. Such topics were very familiar to children from various orphanages, including Rudensk orphanage. Every one of them has very few positive moments in life. So we were telling them how they can possibly reach that “unreachable” happiness. We were telling them about angels, about peace on the Earth; it had a real relaxing effect on children, who were tired from everyday stress and tension in the world, which was lacking such peace. We were talking about the real love and how the one can reach such love: you need to believe in Jesus Christ. After one of such sessions one kid asked me if he also could get such love by just believing. I gave him my solid “Yes!” on it; I told that the faith would change the life in a better way. Our last Advent was about the Hope, something that orphans are missing severely:  the Hope for a better life and the Hope for the eternal life in afterlife. Thus, we told them about Christmas, and we wanted to prepare them for this the most delightful winter holiday. We also managed to contribute to them various things from people, who are not indifferent to orphans.



We had to make some of our meetings in the hallways because of global repairs, but these orphans did not stop coming. I sincerely thank everybody for all your financial and spiritual contribution!Без имени-1

In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 25, 2012 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Dear friends!
gbkc3Mb2-usI’d like to share with you some thoughts about our trips to Belynichi Asylum this month. We have had two new members in our team and can now visit the orphans more often so that the communication with them would not be interrupted for more than a week. In December we discussed the events of the Advent with the kids. And it was so great when mentally and physically challenged kids could comprehend what we were talking about and respond to it. Few children know the real meaning of Christmas and when the whole world is filled with the festive spirit the orphans are usually left behind the 3Byu6wrwepQcelebration. During our trips we found out that the kids need something more than just presents for ChristbvBvFZfE8lYmas. They are longing for love and faith that would help them overcome loneliness and pain of rejection. The space in their hearts that should have been tended by their parents can get easily occupied by the devil. That’s why we are doing our best to sow seeds of faith, hope and love in them. Besides the Bible study, we also played games with the children and sang songs what brought us closer to each other. We were also so happy to learn that 16 kids are now attending theБез имени-1 Sunday school at the neighboring church. The church members organized Bible study and different activities for them and also often invite the kids to dine with their families. Let us during this holiday season remember in our prayers those who were left without parental love and care!

In December: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: December 21, 2012 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

DSC09145We were once again utterly upset to see how many new children had arrived at Smilovichi Asylum. It means that a number of Belarusian families split apart leaving the children behind. I’d like to share with you the story of our last visit to this asylum. Out of all children there I knew only one boy Nikita. He has such cute freckled face. The teachers were also very happy to see us. DSC09130In general we have been blessed with very good relationship with the asylum’s administration. At the beginning of our meeting with the children we have calmed them down first as they were overexcited and started with a get-to know game. They told us their names and what they liked to do most. Then I told them about myself and said that I love them all very much. One of the boys named Kolya asked me again if I really loved him too and was really happy to hear that I loved him with all my heart. It was sad to hear how little the children know about Christmas. Almost nobody DSC09119knew its true meaning. So it was good we brought a film about Jesus with us. The kids watched it very attentively. The girl sitting next to me asked me a lot of questions about the film and seemed to have taken genuine interest in the topic. By the end of the meeting Без имени-1the kids’ hearts finally melted to us and they became very open. It is so heart-breaking to realize that all those cute, fine, smart and intelligent kids were abandoned by their own parents and left without parental love and care.