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In December:“Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: December 30, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC09193I want to share that surprising we had in December … December, this time when we communicated with children and girls in private. We had no general lessons, but we, team, divided all children into with whom it would be easier to it to communicate and be on friendly terms and also whom it could influence more. It was made in order that it is better to become friends and become even closer to them. Through our influence, communication in private, children can open that won’t tell at all. Communication in an informal form, are ringing, fm4Sos34FCEcorrespondence is that allowed to become more native for them, they began us to trust more. The attitude of many children towards us changed for the better, we saw and learned about their sore problems, could pray and give advice in the decision. At the end we always gathered where remembered Christmas, F1opofhA8tAand for what Jesus Christ came and that He brought the birth to this world. After that, we always blessed children through a prayer … All this shows our attitude to them, changes something in the spiritual environment of this boarding school and life of children … Especially to me arrival of 25.12.2012 because they didn’t wait for us as the majority of children parted was remembered … But with those who was we spent wonderful time, having presented it the happy moments. It is pleasant to them when someone loves them, wants to play, communicate with them, simply comes for the sake of them. Many don’t understand it, but see love which is shown in constancy, in aspiration to help them with life, Без имени-1to inspire or simply to embrace and tell that “you are the cool friend”, “let’s meet next time”. I am inspired by our team, its victim time, resources, rest … Thank God that looking the fatigue, everyone seeks to light fire in the hearts of children and each other!