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In January: “Christmas celebration at Grozovo”

Posted: January 31, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Image4Hello, everyone whose hearts are open to the Ministry for the Abandoned Children in Belarus, who prays for the orphans and supports our team! I would like to provide you with some feedback on January events at Grozovo orphanage. It was a very festive and busy month for us, and we were all greatly inspired by the help and support we received. We would like especially mention the congregation of Minsk Baptist Church ‘Bethlehem’ who participated in our action “X-mas Gift to an Orphan”.Image2 The pastors told the church members about our action during the service and a lot of people got very excited and eager to stuff a gift box for an orphaned boy or girl. The church youth joined us during our Christmas trip to the orphanage. During the visit we handed over the gifts to the children (addressed and collected personally for each child), we also staged a Christmas performance for them, organised different games and music activities. Many friendships were created then, and now the youngsters communicate with each other via social networks.Image1 Everybody enjoyed the time spent together. It was a gain not only in positive emotions but new friends as well. During our follow-up trips to the orphanage we organised the Bible study entitled “I would have believed in God if it were not for…” First we debated the resolve “I would have become a believer but for the injustice going on in the world”. The kids asked us heaps of questions and we tried to support our resolutions with texts from the Bible. We told the kids about Christ’s undeserved suffering, about the sin and its impact on the world. During our next meeting we debated the resolve “I would have become a believer if good people did not suffer. Does God Care At All?” That time we told the kids about Job, his sufferings and great blessings, we talked about God having created us with a free will to make our own choices about who to serve and follow. Image3After those debates a lot of kids changed their attitude to God, at last many children received answers to the questions that had been troubling them for a long time and some of them became determined to change their lives. The last meeting that we had in January was dedicated to sports. We held a competition and everybody, even the little ones, were invited to participate. It was a great fun and all the teams, even those who lost, received presents. It was so interesting to watch the older kids doing best for their teams and supporting their younger mates. You could especially see their care during the sack race – when a small child finished his or her run, the older guys lifted him or her up from the sack and helped another one in. It was a very touching scene to witness. Our team is so very grateful to God for the fulfilling ministry we all had this January. Our relationship with the kids and orphanage administration developed in a most positive way. Без имени-1We are immensely thankful to the churches that supported us during the Christmas actions, and would also like to express our genuine gratitude and appreciation to each person who keeps praying for us and makes it possible for us to continue our ministry for the Belarusian children left with no home and family.

In January: “Christmas celebration at Belinichy”

Posted: January 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

DSC04048Christmas celebration at Belinichy orphanage became one of this month’s most memorable events for me. We staged a play about Christ’s birth so that the kids and teachers would learn how the Savior came to this earth. DSC04065The actors played roles of people with different attitudes to Christmas andDSC04120 I think they really succeeded in bringing forward the real message of this holiday. We also sang a lot of carols and two of them we learnt to sing together with the kids. At the end of the party the kids received Christmas presents.

During our short weekly visits we usually meet with the older children but such events as the above mentioned gather all the children. DSC04247And I love it because more and more kids get an opportunity to hear about God. We were so happy to meet the little audience of the orphanage during Christmas celebrations.

DSC04269During our last two meetings we talked about Abraham who is a great role-model for us in remaining obedient, faithful and trustful to God. We also held sports activities for the kids. Sports competition is a good way to learn the kids’ characters while their real attitude to each other is revealed. And the kids learn to win and to lose. Such events also provide the team with the necessary feedback for chosing the right discussion scope that will be most relevant in the given circumstances.
In conclusion we would like to say thank you to everybody who helped us collect clothes and shoes for the kids. Без имени-1We also thank the ones who participated in the Christmas action. We are immensely grateful to everybody who supported our ministry financially and we genuinely appreciate all your kind prayers for us.

In January: “One Step Closer”

Posted: January 26, 2013 by Dobr9k in Uncategorized

05012013527Have you ever met people with disabilities? These may be people who have to use wheelchairs, who are constantly glued to their beds or people infected with the mind. I have had to meet such people in the street, or hear about them. But this year I had my first experience when, as a dense, I worked not only with orphans, and disabled children and their parents. When the pastor invited me to spend Christmas event for children with disabilities, I hesitated, because our profile – it’s orphans. After much thought and prayers, I still decided to try and take part in this ministry.

05012013531In our church turned-governmental organization that helps children with disabilities. They asked us to conduct a program with the distribution of gifts for these children. Our church gladly agreed to take part in this, because after this action we had the opportunity to introduce these children to God and to support their parents.

05012013538And now, I’m standing with the questions in my head how to act, what to do? Because I know how to organize a program for orphans and have no idea how to organize service for children with disabilities. Occasionally I caught myself thinking that somewhere in my heart, I myself tried, as it pulled away from the pain of others, to pay more attention to their own experiences. As a child, when I was traveling in vehicles and stare at people with disabilities, every time I was pulled up and told that it is not cultural, it is not good stare at the sick person. But now I think of it, and I understand that what Jesus did often seemed to people not cultured, not right and not normal. But Jesus clearly knew the purpose of His coming to this world and was always in pain for these people, especially in the pain of their souls. Through these reflections God revealed to me that to arrange service for children with disabilities, I have to root for their souls, and to share with them their suffering. Without pain for their souls it will be just a dry night!

05012013542I had to meet with many people who are involved in a similar ministry in order to learn from them a little bit of experience. In addition, the Lord sent the people who supported me and who was worried with me about this service.

Come January 5th. Most recently, the world was celebrating Christmas, New Year, and now our church could be closer to parents and children with disabilities. We talked about God’s love for the people of the world and hope, and that the new bodies awaiting us in heaven. Like to see these kids and their parents, at least one step closer to God. Hence the name of our campaign, “One Step Closer.” Parents began bring their children. They are different, everyone has their own pain, but in the eyes is joy and gratitude that they are not forgotten! “My name is Natasha!” – at the entrance told me a girl. 05012013551I felt so much warmth in her voice. But the heart just throbbed with pain. I realized that we Christians need to learn to rejoice and give warmth as these children, despite the difficulties in life. We, as a church, must belong to the world and to meet the needs of neighbors. Help those who need us. Especially those who are lifetime sitting in the apartment and not much can not walk.

The program began, we lit candles, an angel appeared on the scene and told the shepherds the good news. The children of the Sunday school were involved production. Children and their parents through the simplicity of this statement laid the foundation of faith. Staging ended the song “Silent Night.” Then the pastor said parting words, and prayed a prayer of blessing for them. A total of 25 families had a meeting with the children with disabilities. But there are about 78 of such families.

05012013555The following day the church was divided into small groups, and everyone to participate in this ministry, headed home to children who are completely immobile. Each group of people telling disabled children about Christmas Savior. Then the children were given gifts, and their parents more calendars and the Bible.Без имени-1

Friends, I thank all those who prayed for our ministry! Those involved in spreading the good news in Belarus! Through your prayers, not indifferent hearts, we were able to cover 78 families. Now church members Minsk Church “Light of Truth” are these people and their kids.