In January: “Christmas celebration at Belinichy”

Posted: January 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

DSC04048Christmas celebration at Belinichy orphanage became one of this month’s most memorable events for me. We staged a play about Christ’s birth so that the kids and teachers would learn how the Savior came to this earth. DSC04065The actors played roles of people with different attitudes to Christmas andDSC04120 I think they really succeeded in bringing forward the real message of this holiday. We also sang a lot of carols and two of them we learnt to sing together with the kids. At the end of the party the kids received Christmas presents.

During our short weekly visits we usually meet with the older children but such events as the above mentioned gather all the children. DSC04247And I love it because more and more kids get an opportunity to hear about God. We were so happy to meet the little audience of the orphanage during Christmas celebrations.

DSC04269During our last two meetings we talked about Abraham who is a great role-model for us in remaining obedient, faithful and trustful to God. We also held sports activities for the kids. Sports competition is a good way to learn the kids’ characters while their real attitude to each other is revealed. And the kids learn to win and to lose. Such events also provide the team with the necessary feedback for chosing the right discussion scope that will be most relevant in the given circumstances.
In conclusion we would like to say thank you to everybody who helped us collect clothes and shoes for the kids. Без имени-1We also thank the ones who participated in the Christmas action. We are immensely grateful to everybody who supported our ministry financially and we genuinely appreciate all your kind prayers for us.

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