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In December: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: December 29, 2012 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

My dear friends! I’d like to tell you about our trips to Rudensk orphan school this month.

DSC09078 DSC09212DSC09088   Starting from the very beginning of the month, we were providing Advents, the holidays to remind about Jesus Christ contribution in this world. These holidays were to remind us that Christ brought us Glory, Peace, Love, and Hope. Such topics were very familiar to children from various orphanages, including Rudensk orphanage. Every one of them has very few positive moments in life. So we were telling them how they can possibly reach that “unreachable” happiness. We were telling them about angels, about peace on the Earth; it had a real relaxing effect on children, who were tired from everyday stress and tension in the world, which was lacking such peace. We were talking about the real love and how the one can reach such love: you need to believe in Jesus Christ. After one of such sessions one kid asked me if he also could get such love by just believing. I gave him my solid “Yes!” on it; I told that the faith would change the life in a better way. Our last Advent was about the Hope, something that orphans are missing severely:  the Hope for a better life and the Hope for the eternal life in afterlife. Thus, we told them about Christmas, and we wanted to prepare them for this the most delightful winter holiday. We also managed to contribute to them various things from people, who are not indifferent to orphans.



We had to make some of our meetings in the hallways because of global repairs, but these orphans did not stop coming. I sincerely thank everybody for all your financial and spiritual contribution!Без имени-1