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In December: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: December 31, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC09152 We have had a very special time this December. I had to substitute one of our leaders and take up a group of toddlers. What to chose for the content of the lesson and how to organize it became my greatest challenges. I was dismayed to see that I absolutely forgot the language of the small children. That’s why I think I couldn’t make children listen to me at first. Nevertheless, I had learnt on my mistakes and by the end of the month I became more efficient in my lessons. Some of the kids got really interested (the ones I expected less to do so) and even learnt by heart the ten commandments that we had been studying.
I also recollect with pleasure how surprised the older kids were to see when they dropped by that I never lost my temper with the little ones when they misbehaved themselves. DSC09155They all got so used to be shouted at, that patience and long-suffering felt so unnatural for them.
There is a long road ahead of us that we have to take to learn how to help these kids get rid of their fears, become free from the pain of the victims they had become after their families broke up and healed from the scars of constant humiliation, disbelief, lost faith in free will and free choice each of them possesses. Без имени-1We believe that this personal development is possible to take place in their lives even in the environment they have been placed to live in. If we didn’t truly believe in change we would never make any effort to influence the present lives of the orphans thus altering their future.