In May: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: May 29, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

This month the children were waiting for us as always with anticipation and joy! They greeted us as if he had not seen for a very long time. They were 0jzDeqAj5bYhappy to share their experiences, dDSC01612id not want to leave when the program ended, and even more they do not want to let us go home. Everyone wanted to talk to us as much as possible.

We spent a lot of their time outdoors, playing different games, as well as communicated in classes where Bible studies were conducted on different subjects. If we consider only the period of May, and for the year as a whole, it is clear that many kiddies have changed for the better. Several children: Juliana, Mary, Nikita, Valya, Kiril were not 105670799_304169994afraid to pray in front of everyone, but before that theDSC01650y were shy with each other. They try to help each other and learn to listen to each other, even though it is do not always work. But, at least, is very noticeable that they genuinely want it and do not deny that when they are told that they are doing wrong things. We were very happy to see how the children are open to us, they trust us and they want to spend as much time with us together as possible! Thank God for these children! Only He can change our hearts and the hear105670799_304169876ts of these kids!

In addition, this month, separately for the younger kids, was organized children’s puppet show. Through the dolls children can hear abo105670799_304169526ut the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross of Calvary. Subject performance was dedicated to the Easter holiday. Thank God for that time, so it was an opportunity to show the children that Easter – is not just a fragrant bread and colored eggs! Now they know that Easter – is primarily a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, who suffered for everyone!

We believe that with God every child’s life can change, because God helps to get up when we can not do it!

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    Большое спасибо за новости!
    Слава Богу за вашу работу и за то что Бог так сильно меняет сердца детей! Это чудо и это так здорово! Это самое замечательное, что может быть в этой жизне! 🙂
    Продолжаю молиться за вас и за детей каждый день.

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