In May: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 1, 2013 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

This month has been really exciting for the orphanage in Rudensk. We had a DSC01955theatre performance dedicated to Easter and they told us the story of this holiday. We also watched a film called “Believe in Him” that told us a life story of a street racer who became a Christian. We had DSC01930a “girl time” and a “boy time”. That was a great chance to have a discussion with girls and then with boys separately and talk over some important topics. At the girls meeting we discussed the horoscope and astrology and also what God and the Bible tell about them and what is God’s attitude to this. At the boys meeting we discussed the topic related to being lazy and how it’s important to study hard to be successful in life. DSC01550At the last meeting we had sport games.
Once we asked the kids what makes them joyful. We got a range of anDSC01834swers but the one that impressed us most was that a kid told us that he got joyful every time we came to visit them in the orphanage. We’re  still thinking about his words and they really encourage us. It’s great to spend time with them, pray together, study the Bible and just have fun. We appreciate this time when we can share in a private talk, support in a hard moment or encourage.
I’d like to tell about Nastia Koshel, a girl of 10th grade. She always participates a lot in discussions and answers the questions, takes part in sport gamDSC01558es, likes playing football DSC01953and doing crafts. She’s very shy though when somebody pays her a compliment or when we encourage her. Her face always tells us how the day was: was it great or she has some worries. She’s like a rose that hasn’t been in blossom yet. She’s got sharp sides like a rose but if you take care of this rose it will grow and be in blossom.
Thank you all who support our ministry. God appreciates your care for the orphans.

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