In May: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: June 1, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

After spending another meeting with kids I felt thrilled. It wasn’t a thrill DSC01536because of public speaking. The thrill was about understanding that I’m giving those kids, what they need the most – the gospel, the Truth that can set them free. Of course I’m not the best speaker or a teacher, but I believe, that the seeds of Truth that planted in their hearts, one day will bring fruits. It’s not insignificant, that after the meeting we had an open talk with kids. We asked them a lot of questions about their motives, trying to get deep down to their hearts. Some kids didn’t answer anything; others talked openly, what made us happy. It’s important because it make them think and analyze their own actions and choices that they make. It showed a progress, because thru searching their own hearts, may be to their unpleasant parts, they opened up to themselves and us, taking their masks off.
It’s a joy that they stop perceive our meetings just as aDSC02048nother activity to fill in their free time or to get extra attention and etc. Growing in relationship with kids throughout the school year we now start to see their trust, respect and authority towards us. Now our words and everything that we try to put in them, plant in them, is not just an empty sound or another moral teaching for them.
By looking at those insiDSC01746gnificant achievements – it’s cheerful and pleasant to understand that seed of Truth and Love are now starts to grow!
Besides this meeting, of course, there were other meetings. One of our trips we dedicated just for personal talks with kids. They really love this time, because each of them individually needs love and attention. I also want to recognize our meetings with boys and girls. We had those meetings in different rooms. Boys and girls are separately. Girls’ topic was “Woman by God’s intention” which led us to talk about God’s view of a woman as in relation to God Himself and in relation to man.  Guys also had not insignificant topic DSC01512to talk about: “Future that builds up today!” They talked about, that in order to achieve something in the future they have to put in a lot of efforts today, because God always wants to see our faith and our actions.
Our last meeting we dedicated to soccer. Kids, of Grozovo orphanage, like soccer the most out of all types of sports. Some of their girls are also pretty good at playing soccer. Even thou we lost the game, as always, we left the orphanage with good impression, because we wanted to make good time for kids not ourselves. I think we did it!

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