In May:”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: June 4, 2013 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

We visit Belinichi boarding school to tell children about the BibleDSC01782, about God, and naturally expect them to change as the time passes. However, I wish to say that the opposite process surely take place: it is me who change.
It’s joyful to see children’s happy faces when they meet us or accompany us. It enriches you – when you hug them or play with them. They cannot pay you back – the only thing they can give is their smile, openness and SAM_1283joy.
You learn to love them the way they are. During a lesson I notice that different children react to what they hear in a different way. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they understand anything or not. But there is something I know for sure: when they’ll grow up, they won’t foSAM_1264rget about God, Who cares about them, Whom they can always pray to. And I know, they won’t forget also about Christian friends they still have in this world.
During the last two lessons we told them the story of Daniil and the three friends. I found that the children behaved much better than in the beginning of this year. Sometimes I was astonished by the silence that filled the air at the lesson – because usually the children are being a bit noisy and inattentive. I was happy to notice, that they answer our questions wDSC01976ell – which means they do understand everything.
I find it hard to express in words what I fill, visiting the boarding school. When you take a pause, stay at home instead of going there – your feelings die down. DSC02037That’s why I’m looking forward to join these journeys, to enrich each other. These children lack many things in life, which we usually take for granted. Things like love, family. They have no idea, what it’s like to have a family! Frankly speaking, nobody needs these children… That’s why I don’t want to leave them on their own, that’s why I want to compensate this lack of love, lack of brothers, sisters, father and mother. I find it so important to tell them about God, so that they came to know: they are not alone, never alone! I pray that God would show them the Salvation and embrace them with His love.

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    Да, вы все правильно делаете и и учите! Молодцы! Слава богу!
    Слава Богу, что дети ведут себя гораздо лучше чем в начале года – значит они открывают свои сердца Богу, значит уже есть плод!
    “Ведь слово Божье живет и действует, оно острее, чем любой заточенный с обеих сторон меч и проникает в самые глубины нашей сущности, туда, где проходит граница между душой и духом, до суставов и костного мозга. Оно судит мысли и сердечные побуждения.” Евреям 4:12

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