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In April: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

22937042_303138984I really love this time when I get a chance to visit it; the kids over there are so happy like a sunshine, they’re happy to see all those who come and visit them and they can easily find a topic to talk about. Orphanage has a small number of kids, it doesn’t go over fifteen children, it’s easy to know each kid individually, to spend time with each one of them, and most important to hug them individually.

22937042_303138981In one of our visits to Smilovich, we took girls from another orphanage, that were visiting us at that time, and I was very surprised to find out that one of the girls use to live in Smilovich. The day we came to visit orphanage, the girl’s teacher was there. All time, that we were at the Smilovich, they spent together. You could easily see that they were both happy to see each other and talk to each other, because usually teachers don’t know what happens to the lives of the kids after they leave orphanage and go to another one.
22937042_303138968This month is full of good news. Some of the kids were adapted and six kids returned to their homes. It’s a double-sided feeling; from one side, it’s sad that I’m not going to see them anymore, and more likely that I won’t hear anything about them. However on the other hand, I’m happy that they’re back in their families. It doesn’t matter what kind of family they have, they always missed their parents. Once when we were doing cards as a craft with kids, they were supposed to give it to their best friends and most of them were dedicated to their mothers. In those kind of moments you clearly realize that they need family, tenderness and love.
cIcDqBh9lOINot too long ago when I was walking home from work, I’ve seen this picture, when mom and a little boy were playing in the park; when little boy fell, his first reaction without even thinking and may be even understanding if he’s hurt, was to call for help his mom. Right away I thought of the kids from Smilovich orphanage that when they’re hurt or scared of thunderstorms they have no one to call for help. Yes, they do have good teachers that look after them, but they all still need their individual mom.
Once again, I will repeat myself, even though those kids experiencing hard time in their lives, they’re always smiling and happy to see us and share the news with us over the week when we come to visit them. LeFRTDLQMYgOlder girls like to sit us down and braid our hair, when little ones just jump into our arms and hug us with their little hands…
Our girls that teach bible lessons always try to come up with something unique to make the lessons interesting for them, and that helps them to remember even hard biblical names. Last a few lessons we were learning how to not be grumpy all the time but instead to be thankful.
I’m really hoping that those little seeds that we’re planting in their hearts, will grow. I really wish that it’s only their beginning to know Almighty God!

In April: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: April 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC01425Hello! I remember those minutes in April which we spent with these boys and girls. I like to see the changes in their life: as some of them get mature, start thinking of life in a different way, we see them changed, and they start asking questions about God, because they are really interested in God. April showed me that they miss us very much, they miss worship, games, preaching which answer their actual problems and difficulties. This month we spoke about grace and about the differences of it from justice and goodness, whether grace is necessary to us, that grace is a component of our rescue, DSC01415and that grace accepts each person … It is a gift which God grants to everyone and it is the right of everyone to accept it or not … We affected an aspect of love … That the love is an action first of all, it is not a feeling that you have to grow in love, the love is not just a habit. We showed that the true love makes the person special … This month we also carried out boys’ party and girls’ party…. For example, with guys we played business monopoly game, teaching them how to set correct purposes and plans in life, how to spend money in the right way, DSC01418how to find way out from problems and difficult situations. Such intellectual and informative board games unite us and teach us of the handling of money, things, push all of us to decision-making. All of us enjoyed this game very much…In general it is joyful to see in children desire to change their life. Please pray that the Satan couldn’t prevent it …

In April: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: April 26, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC00825Hi! Once again I’d like to share about the events at Grozovo Asylum. This month has been a very busy one and a very fruitful too. I’d like to tell you a story about one boy who attends our classes. His name is Nikita and he is 9 years old. This boy gave us a tough time misbehaving and trying to attract attention to himself by all kinds of means. DSC00834Some time ago one more guy joined our team and he began to give more of his time to this boy. He managed to find a key to his heart and love him unconditionally. And it bore such good results. Nikitka became more active at the lessons and his behaviour has greatly improved.
There is also not very good news. DSC00845During this winter a lot of kids fell ill and are still unwell. We always pray for their health. But I know that physical and emotional strength is usually the result of good relationship with God and family. So that’s why I encourage you to pray that God would give the kids a family of their own where they would be loved and wanted. They all dream about that!
DSC00993I would also like you to know the topics we discussed this month:
1. “How to fight discontent?” We talked to the kids about the importance of staying grateful and taking a happy attitude to life.
DSC009912. “Gratefulness” Some orphans are getting the idea that the society is in debt towards them and take acts of kindness for granted. We told them that gratefulness is something we all need to learn.
3. “Who is God?” The kids were challenged to ask themselves what role God plays in their lives.
4. “Prayer – talking to God” God wants to have close relationship with us where dialogue takes a very important place. We talked with kids how prayer becomes the avenue to building a strong relationship with God and sustaining a dialogue with Him.

In April: “Trips to the Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: April 25, 2013 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC01312   April is over now. What can we say if we sum up all that we’ve had for this month. I frequently meet the kids with a low self-esteem, kids who don’t believe they can reach any success in life. DSC01315Kids from orphanages often face insults that prevent their personalities from developing and improving. Living life like this they often have a distracted image of what real life is. DSC01317I sometimes come to an idea that orphanages produce the generation of so-called “consumers” and everybody owes them. Kids have difficulties with time management and keep on living without making any effort just because they have no family and as if only the government is charged to take care of them.
This month we’ve read the book of Daniel. We’ve had 4 classes: “The lost childhood”, “Daniel’s trials”, “Daniel and lions”, “ The words on the wall”. DSC01439We discussed that Daniel also was an orphan. Daniel had a lot of trials and troubles and God helped him out. Another problems between the kids is betrayal. The example of friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego was very vivid for kids. The story of a miraculous salvation of DanielDSC01449 from lions was a good one to remind that God can help to overcome all the difficulties. The discussions encouraged kids to think over their lives and show them the life full of victories and deeds with God. When the discussions are over and we start removing things to leave some kids sometimes come to me and share their impressions about the Bible studying. It’s great they get hope for a better future. They start at least setting goals for life and looking for the ways of achieving them. Let’s pray so that the Word they’ve heard could produce a great fruit in their lives.