In April: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

22937042_303138984I really love this time when I get a chance to visit it; the kids over there are so happy like a sunshine, they’re happy to see all those who come and visit them and they can easily find a topic to talk about. Orphanage has a small number of kids, it doesn’t go over fifteen children, it’s easy to know each kid individually, to spend time with each one of them, and most important to hug them individually.

22937042_303138981In one of our visits to Smilovich, we took girls from another orphanage, that were visiting us at that time, and I was very surprised to find out that one of the girls use to live in Smilovich. The day we came to visit orphanage, the girl’s teacher was there. All time, that we were at the Smilovich, they spent together. You could easily see that they were both happy to see each other and talk to each other, because usually teachers don’t know what happens to the lives of the kids after they leave orphanage and go to another one.
22937042_303138968This month is full of good news. Some of the kids were adapted and six kids returned to their homes. It’s a double-sided feeling; from one side, it’s sad that I’m not going to see them anymore, and more likely that I won’t hear anything about them. However on the other hand, I’m happy that they’re back in their families. It doesn’t matter what kind of family they have, they always missed their parents. Once when we were doing cards as a craft with kids, they were supposed to give it to their best friends and most of them were dedicated to their mothers. In those kind of moments you clearly realize that they need family, tenderness and love.
cIcDqBh9lOINot too long ago when I was walking home from work, I’ve seen this picture, when mom and a little boy were playing in the park; when little boy fell, his first reaction without even thinking and may be even understanding if he’s hurt, was to call for help his mom. Right away I thought of the kids from Smilovich orphanage that when they’re hurt or scared of thunderstorms they have no one to call for help. Yes, they do have good teachers that look after them, but they all still need their individual mom.
Once again, I will repeat myself, even though those kids experiencing hard time in their lives, they’re always smiling and happy to see us and share the news with us over the week when we come to visit them. LeFRTDLQMYgOlder girls like to sit us down and braid our hair, when little ones just jump into our arms and hug us with their little hands…
Our girls that teach bible lessons always try to come up with something unique to make the lessons interesting for them, and that helps them to remember even hard biblical names. Last a few lessons we were learning how to not be grumpy all the time but instead to be thankful.
I’m really hoping that those little seeds that we’re planting in their hearts, will grow. I really wish that it’s only their beginning to know Almighty God!

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    Я вижу у вас в команде новые лица!? Здорово! Молодцы ребята! Слава Богу! Помогать сиротам это одно из самых благородных дел на земле!

  2. Егор Таразевич says:

    Это очень здорово что некоторый детей усыновили/удочерили и шесть вернулись в свои семьи!!! Слава Богу!!! Самая главное что благодаря вам они услышали Благую Весть Иисуса Христа! Теперь они понесут эти знания через свою жизнь, а некоторые так и начнут проповедывать своим друзьям и родителям! Например, я поверил в Иисуса Христа в 18-ть лет, но благодаря тому, что когда мне было 7 лет мой друг, которому тоже было 7 лет рассказал мне что Бог есть. Друзья, после того как вы проповедывали им Иисуса Христа, они же Ему молились, чтобы их зобрали из детского дома и вот Бог услышал их молитвы и их зобрали! Теперь они будут ещё больше верить в Ииисуса Христа! 🙂 Слава Богу!!!

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