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In March:“Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2013 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

DSC00507Hello! I would like to share my concerns about the kids’ ministry in the Smilovichi orphanage in the past month. This month we continued to share Bible stories from the Old Testament with the kids. At the end of each story we made some practical conclusions that they will be able to use in their lives.
DSC00510This month we talked to them about Ruth’s faithfulness, about how she made the decision to stay with her mother in law, leaving everything for her. We also talked about kind deeds. When I was spending time with the kids, talking to them, observing their behavior; how they treat one another, I saw a lot of cruelty and rudeness in their relationships with one another and I wanted to tell DSC00512them and show them what are kind deeds and how important it is for us to be kind to one another and respect each other. Also, as many know, kids this age especially need attention, support, and care. That is why we are trying with our team to show these kids the kind of love and care that God fills us with. The kids really enjoy doing various interesting crafts and making cards with kind words for their friends, playing games and singing. They really love to sing! Often they sing so loud that it seems that the walls could collapse! These are our kids and how we spend time with them.

In March: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: March 30, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

-35120857_299307392   The March is nearly over but it is still winter outside with a snow layer of about a meter high. Well, even if we don’t have a spring mood still we are always in the right mood to visit Grozovo orphanage. During the whole month we have made trips to the orphanage and had personal contacts with the kids and team members. DSC00356When communicating in small groups or face to face, kids are more likely to open and talk about their pain and fears and tell what they would like us to pray about. -35120857_299307441That’s how you actually make friends with the kids and become their older brother or sister, someone they would listen and look up to. You begin to pray fervently for those kids and see the ways you can help and bring comfort to them. Praise the Lord for those wonderful relationships.
This month I have also managed to motivate the teens from my church to come to the orphanage and play football with the kids. -35120857_299307252They were so happy to play against a new team as they had got really bored playing with each other all the time. The game was a thrilling one and as the orphans lost they asked us to come again so that they would play back. -35120857_299307217There is a big chance to make friends with the kids by playing sports with them and doing things together.
During the spring holidays our family had a chance to invite some of the kids for a week’s stay. We are having several girls staying at our house now and yesterday we went for a church meeting altogether. We’ll tell the stories about our holiday guests in our next report. Meanwhile we thank everybody for your kind prayers and support. God bless you all!

In March: “Trips to the Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 29, 2013 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC00567    This month we had a few trips to the Rudensk boarding school. Our visits to the orphanage are always filled with joy, because there are our friends. God richly bless this boarding school, and the lives of many children in the boarding school change by Him. DSC00197At one meeting, we watched a film on the name “The Butterfly Circus” with Nick Vujnich. An example of this man’s life has left a deep imprint on the children’s hearts. The vast majority of children do not believe in themselves, they need someone who will tell them “I believe in you.” DSC00393And this film showed them that you can fight even when there is nothing – even when there is no arms and no legs. This film showed them that you can fight even in a desperate situation. DSC00633After the film, we made a small conclusion that each of the guys sitting in the room, is special and can achieve a lot, if not to give up, when he will fight to the end. We told them that we believe that they will reach the best – get a good education, will have a good job, and strong family. DSC00639The main thing is that they will not give up, the main thing that they have chosen the right path in life – the path with God. At one meeting, we decided just to play games with the kids. Each of them has received attention and was able to participate in active games – run, jump, and most important, to win.
DSC00564It is great happiness when you can help the children from the orphanage, mentally, physically, and spiritually. And so happy to see a change in the lives of children. When they cease to smoke, swear, insult the other guys, but begin to help others and to protect others. Of course, the fight for guys’ lives do not stop for a minute, but the victory is – in the hearts of many children God has settled himself. We thank everyone who supported us in prayer and financially. God will reward you all for your concern for us and the children orphans! God bless you!

In March: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: March 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC00619Here came a long-expected spring month. Although it doesn’t differ from winter months at all, I am glad that we can visit children in the orphanages, even when it is cold. I would like to tell you about the devotion to the children in Grozovo orphanage. DSC00523As usual we had an opportunity to spend time with the children, tell them something new and important, play with them and just converse with those who needed it especially. The program of this month was very eventful and diverse. We had following topics: “kindness”, we also told about lives of some biblical heroes such as Ruth and Elisha. DSC00622Besides, we decided to diversify our meetings by watching Christian animated films.

DSC00621There is one boy among the others, whose name is Kirill. It is always difficult to deal with him. He often interrupts, makes noise, when we organize our meetings. However, this month I enjoyed the fact, that although he tried to make noise, he listened to the things he was told about. Moreover, during all this time he became more tolerant to others and this fact makes us happy.

We believe that the life of each child can be changed with God!

In March:”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

The habit to be joyful
DSC00670A habit is a strange thing. People say: “You get used to good things easily”. For example, you may be rejoiced by something, but as time passes – months, years your joy exhausts…
At Belynychi’s school it seems that someone has cancelled such habits! We visit it each Thursday, this initiative counts about 10 years and I’ve joined the team only a year ago or so. Anyway, I’ve noticed that each day we come children rush out to meet us with pure excitement! And follow us when we’re leaving, so that sometimes guys have to ask them: “Please, children, stop following us, return home!”
Most of all I like two girls, Dasha and Yulya, we’ve became close friends with them. Especially with Julia, she’s a very sweat, open girl, always smiling and happy to see everyone. Last Thursday the girls asked to take a photo of them and than – a photo of three of us too.DSC00473
I like to see that they can’t wait to meet me again. Surely these children are always happy to see any visitor, however I’m pleased to notice that they recognize me now as well as the other members of our team.
In March one boy, aged 11-12, approached me, carefully put a letter into my hand and said, a bit confusing: «Please read when you’re at home». I must confess it was not really pleasant – such a confidentiality. But at home I’ve read the letter: this boy wrote that he’s always happy to see me, that he loves me very much. Although this message was written with dozens of mistakes, but how touching it was to read!
At my first visits the only feeling I had to these children was pity. Usually I was leaving this place with a great sorrow, being depressed. I prayed that God would have made me love them. And today I feel that I do love them! Well, DSC00683sometimes they behave strangely, show aggression… but in fact I can’t think of more honest, more frank children than these ones. And they never play a role – that’s for sure!
Sometimes you may think that children do not pay attention to what you say, but it only seems!.. For example, you tell a story and think: «They do not understand what they hear!» But when you start asking questions on the story – suddenly children give the right answers. I was impressed by a boy named Andrew: although he seemed to be a hooligan and was known to foil our lessons, once he turned out to be the only one who took an active part in discussion!
And there is Roma, who’s always very attentive. Sometimes it seems to you he’s not listening, but just try and ask him a question – you’ll get the right answer straight away!
DSC00459Watching these children, you come to think how blessed you are in your life. God gives you so much! And these people lack such common things… And it makes you want to embrace them with love and care to fill up what they lack.
I hope that our visits are not useless, that they will help children make the right choices in their future lives, gain faith and find a real support, friendship and love in this world. Because Love is the only thing which can fill up absolutely any lack.