In March:”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

The habit to be joyful
DSC00670A habit is a strange thing. People say: “You get used to good things easily”. For example, you may be rejoiced by something, but as time passes – months, years your joy exhausts…
At Belynychi’s school it seems that someone has cancelled such habits! We visit it each Thursday, this initiative counts about 10 years and I’ve joined the team only a year ago or so. Anyway, I’ve noticed that each day we come children rush out to meet us with pure excitement! And follow us when we’re leaving, so that sometimes guys have to ask them: “Please, children, stop following us, return home!”
Most of all I like two girls, Dasha and Yulya, we’ve became close friends with them. Especially with Julia, she’s a very sweat, open girl, always smiling and happy to see everyone. Last Thursday the girls asked to take a photo of them and than – a photo of three of us too.DSC00473
I like to see that they can’t wait to meet me again. Surely these children are always happy to see any visitor, however I’m pleased to notice that they recognize me now as well as the other members of our team.
In March one boy, aged 11-12, approached me, carefully put a letter into my hand and said, a bit confusing: «Please read when you’re at home». I must confess it was not really pleasant – such a confidentiality. But at home I’ve read the letter: this boy wrote that he’s always happy to see me, that he loves me very much. Although this message was written with dozens of mistakes, but how touching it was to read!
At my first visits the only feeling I had to these children was pity. Usually I was leaving this place with a great sorrow, being depressed. I prayed that God would have made me love them. And today I feel that I do love them! Well, DSC00683sometimes they behave strangely, show aggression… but in fact I can’t think of more honest, more frank children than these ones. And they never play a role – that’s for sure!
Sometimes you may think that children do not pay attention to what you say, but it only seems!.. For example, you tell a story and think: «They do not understand what they hear!» But when you start asking questions on the story – suddenly children give the right answers. I was impressed by a boy named Andrew: although he seemed to be a hooligan and was known to foil our lessons, once he turned out to be the only one who took an active part in discussion!
And there is Roma, who’s always very attentive. Sometimes it seems to you he’s not listening, but just try and ask him a question – you’ll get the right answer straight away!
DSC00459Watching these children, you come to think how blessed you are in your life. God gives you so much! And these people lack such common things… And it makes you want to embrace them with love and care to fill up what they lack.
I hope that our visits are not useless, that they will help children make the right choices in their future lives, gain faith and find a real support, friendship and love in this world. Because Love is the only thing which can fill up absolutely any lack.

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