In February: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 6, 2013 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

DSC00202There are specific memories that bring joy as well as pain. I want to share my thoughts about visit to Smilovishi orphanage! Each visit is particularly special and interesting; we remember them because we expect to see familiar people who are looking forward to meet us, they joyfully run up to meet us with sincere smiles. Only from time to time, it possible to notice someone with pensive look! DSC00225Children who have adult look always wait that people will betray or leave them, however they want to be loved and to be in embrace of natal person. Children dream about parents, however in their dreams parents are usually not drunk and they are not hungry.

DSC00276Smilovishi orphanage is not a wealthy establishment and it doesn’t have constant sponsor, that’s why we help them to meet their needs and bring textbooks and paint books for children. Recently we brought warm knitted socks. The children have started to fall ill and get flue. I had seen that children worn several pairs of thin socks and that’s why we decided to bring knitted winter socks for them. Children’s joy and supreme praise, and smiles makes us fall in love with them more and more.

DSC00285Behind statistics are hidden surnames, names and destinies, which we can change, and the adult world can change the formed tendency of social orphans. These children might have chance for their dream to come true because they have great desire to have real mom and dad. Sometimes it is hard to express all that heart and mind are filled with.

If you read my reflection, I want to ask you to join us in prayer for the children, and if you have an opportunity to come, we will be glad to be with you people who are used to restore the ruins of people lives.

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    “Блажен тот, кто о слабом заботится, во время беды избавит его Господь. Господь сохранит его и сбережет ему жизнь, счастьем одарит его на земле и не отдаст его на произвол врагов. Господь укрепит его на одре болезни, и с ложа недуга его поднимет.” (Псалтирь 41:1-3, NRT)
    Многкратно благодарю Бога и Господа Иисус Христа за всех вас и ваш тяжелый труд!

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