In April: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: April 28, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC01425Hello! I remember those minutes in April which we spent with these boys and girls. I like to see the changes in their life: as some of them get mature, start thinking of life in a different way, we see them changed, and they start asking questions about God, because they are really interested in God. April showed me that they miss us very much, they miss worship, games, preaching which answer their actual problems and difficulties. This month we spoke about grace and about the differences of it from justice and goodness, whether grace is necessary to us, that grace is a component of our rescue, DSC01415and that grace accepts each person … It is a gift which God grants to everyone and it is the right of everyone to accept it or not … We affected an aspect of love … That the love is an action first of all, it is not a feeling that you have to grow in love, the love is not just a habit. We showed that the true love makes the person special … This month we also carried out boys’ party and girls’ party…. For example, with guys we played business monopoly game, teaching them how to set correct purposes and plans in life, how to spend money in the right way, DSC01418how to find way out from problems and difficult situations. Such intellectual and informative board games unite us and teach us of the handling of money, things, push all of us to decision-making. All of us enjoyed this game very much…In general it is joyful to see in children desire to change their life. Please pray that the Satan couldn’t prevent it …

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