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In September: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: September 27, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

-Sasha, look how fast I can run, – bragged a young boy named Nikita before the new member of ourNpXHzFkwMYI team and ran away disappearing behind a corner. He is running so much to and from, from nowhere to nowhere. I do not know why he runs so much but it seems that there is no any better occupation for this boy. Because it is the only way not to think about his own life – the life one wants to forget about. All other orphans in the same way take “paints” and paint the day in their own “bright colors” – the most important thing is not to think about own life. Of course, who wants to think about the fact that nobody wants them?
My impression is that even when we say to orphans that they are dear to us, that we love them kcGoAcCbKGIand want to help them, they still do not believe us. They do not know how to behave with us, with a person with whom they do not need to defend themselves, the one who says to them that they are precious. Thus when we communicate with orphans we have to deal with their double personality, one is public and the other is private.
The whole September we dedicated to personal communication with kids. To tell the truth I did not even expect that the kids would be so happy to see us after long summer hoWRsvOQku66clidays. During September we wanted to become closer to the children, to become their older friends who they can ask for an advice during hard times. We wanted to show them God.
It was sad not to see some of the boys and girls who graduated from the orphanage. They stepped out into the sea of life to look for their own harbour. It is sad because I did not have enough time to say everything that I wanted to say to each one of them, that I did not have enough time to befriend each one of them. But I am glad that some of them are going to live in Minsk – we will have an opportunity to meet them.
In the orphanage I got closer to a girl named Vika (the aTH6SY71qJ0author is a girl too). I like her understanding of life. She knows what she wants and she works hard to get there. I want very much that our relationship grow stronger. But simple fellowship and helping them is not enough and it is not the primary goal of our team. I really, really want for Holy Spirit to use us here so we would be able to communicate to orphans the real truth, that they do not need to run from nowhere to nowhere, that they can stop and realize that with their limited hands they can hug Unlimited God and know and feel that they have been adopted by Him!

In September: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: September 27, 2013 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC03046At last we are in SeptemdVci911Q5eIber and we have an opportunity to visit our dearest children at the Grozovski orphanage. It was a real joy to see these kids again after summer break. Each time the children are waiting for our visit. They wanted to see us, to chat with us, and share stories of their summer. We played different games, had a chat. It really brought us closer together. Many of them have dreams that hidden deep in the heart. Therefore, we do everything possible to ensure that at least some of their dreams came true.
During one of our visits I managed to speak with one boy, whose name is Denis. We talked for a very long time. He told me about whhiktV9tl_l4at is 51PRJMXLdU0happening in his life, and that in any situation, good or bad he prays to God. He asked to pray for him also. He was glad that he could speak to me on this subject, because many people ridicule him at the orphanage when he talks about praying. I sincerely rejoiced with him, that we could have a talk about what is important for him in a quiet atmosphere.  It was amazing to see joy in children, whose life happens not in very good conditions.

In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: September 27, 2013 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

DSC03078On the 12th, 19th and 26th of September, our team visited Smilovichi orphanage. Now there are 12 children: 5 boys and 7 girls. They are in 5 to 15 age range. At our first meeting, we met with the children, played fun games to get to know each other. The children tried to get to know and remember us. We did the same thiDSC03028ng. We dedicated our second meeting to get to know children much better. We had paper hearts, which every child could use to write what he/she likes and does not like, and tell about his/her dreams. Some of the children wrote something interesting. For example, one of the dreams: to love mother and father, a world in which there is no evil, and to get back to my parents and others. Because some kids do not know how to write, we helped them, so we can get closer to them and to know them. We finished our second meeting with the song “WavDSC03023e your hand to others.” Our dream: to use time, which God has given us, to become a part of their lives and to tell them about God. The third meeting was more devoted to the creativity and close personal conDSC03084tact with the children. While younger one were engaged in creative work, older children had personal conversation with our team members in a more intimate and personal atmosphere. We had a great opportunity to communicate with them in a quiet environment, to talk about their concerns and makes them happy, to get to know them, and give them a piece of our care and love! At the same time, the children had the opportunity to paint the plaster magnets and keep them as a souvenir.