In January: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: January 28, 2014 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

At the moment, in orphanage of Smilovici, the number of children has reduced by 5 children. Some childrDSC03566en were taken back to their families. Now we have to pray and hope that children DSC03554will never leave their moms and dads again. We have to pray for children to keep in mind their knowledge about Jesus and tell their parents about Him.
This month we were telling children who Jesus is, about His purpose of coming in this world. We also told them about the way to get to Heaven. Except Bible Studies, we were holding a lot of interesting games. Some of the games were held for all ages, for other games children had to be distributed into small age-groups. At the moment, we have more children of 3-6 years old than other ages. ChilDSC03560dren have learned some new songs and revised the songs that they already know. At one of the handicraft lessons children made bracelets usinIMG_2045g many-colored beads. Each color had each own sense in it. By the end of the lesson, children had many-colored bracelets and learned another bible story. It was a pity that we didn’t have enough time. We feel that older children lack of personal communication. Somebody is happy about conversations with their parents on the phone and they want to talk about this. Somebody is upset. So next month, if it is God’s will we are planning to spend more time with children, talking to them in private. Especially it’s very important for older guys.

  1. Егор Т. says:

    Слава Богу за то что некоторых детей забрали назад в семьи! Это замечательная новость!!! Молюсь о том,чтобы дети оставались в своих семьх и проповедывали своим семьям Христа, только Он может дать настоящую свободу, радость и мир в душе, каждому кто поверит в Него.
    Молюсь о том, чтобы к вам прибавилось ещё волонтёров, чтобы вы могли уделить персональное время каждому нуждающемуся ребёнку.
    Слава Богу за вас!

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