In March: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: April 3, 2014 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC03748We observed following moments at the children’s home in Grozovo during the last few weeks. The happiest moment for me is when a kid is running to you and shouts: “Sasha, I’m being taken to family!” I sincerely rejoice, when a kid has a chance to start a new life. I just hope that families they are going to will be able to accept these kids for who they are and to love them. And it is sad, when kids who are left without relatives say: DSC03649“But I’m glad I’ll go to another children’s home”. They say that not because of bad conditions here (it is better for some kids to live at the children’s home, then at their own home), but the say that to comfort themselves. These very minutes are the worst minutes for me! When you teach, play games, watch video, which encourages kids, you begin to understand that all these seeds we plant will grow and give fruit.DSC03753
Today we try our best not just to support these kids and to be mentors for them, but as well we’re looking for families for them. We’d like to reach many Christian families to share our vision with them! For the last 2 months, we’ve made several presentations about adoption of orphan in 5 churches. We especially emphasized on Grozovo children’s home, as it will be closed in 2 months.
Children are on spring holidays now. A few of them will spend their holidays at new families, but most of them will stay at the children’s home. We hope we’ll be able to bring them some joy during our meetings.

  1. Егор Т. says:

    Пять презинтаций посвященных сиротам в пяти церквях за последнии два месяца! Ого! Это очень здорово! Слава Богу, за то что Он так широко открыл двери в церквях для проповедывания проблемы сиротства в Беларуси! И здесь тоже надо ждать чтобы посеянное семя проросло в сердцах верующих. Усыновления это огромная отвественность и тяжелый труд и не многие на это способны, а те кто способен, боятся решиться. Будем же молиться о тех кто способен, чтобы Бог проростил посеянное семя и они осознали всю трагичность ситуации сирот и чтобы Бог дал им мужества решиться на усыновление. И я знаю, что ваша команда уже сейчас готова оказать всякую помощь приемным родителям в процессе усыновления и в процессе воспитания сирот.

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