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In March: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: April 5, 2014 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

DSC03719This month we have visited Belinichy orphanage three times. I would like to start with overview of our visits to this orphanage. Just a few months ago the hardest place for us to work was Belinichy orphanage. Sometimes after a visit to this orphanage we would return home with a feeling of being squeezed like a lemon. We have been praying for Belinichy orphanage for a long time. Every Monday our team has a meeting. DSC03713During these meetings we make the plans for our visits and pray for the needs of our ministry, needs of each other and needs of those who support us. During the last several months we made Belinichy orphanage a priority. Specifically we have been praying for the administration of the orphanage and for the children. Probably in every orphanage of our ministry there upswing and downswings but most of all we felt it in Belinichy. We prayed, made analysis of our visits to Belinichy orphanage and discussed what we can change. IMG_3054And now, recently God has blessed our ministry and gave us ability to visit Belinichy orphanage more often. Thus it helped us to become closer to the children and talked more to them about God. We thank everyone who sacrificed their time and resources! And especially we thank those who in the gap have been praying for our ministry! IMG_2990The situation has changes very much, the doors of the orphanage have been opened for us – God has heard our prayers! But most of all we are joyful that we can see how the children are changing before our eyes!
IMG_3041This month we have talked with children about sin. We have talked that everyone is a sinner but there is a solution. This solution is Jesus Christ. That it is Him Who gave salvation to people. In our opinion children’s behavior is changing because in the topic of sin we discussed that intentionally or not but it is always a person who commits a sin. We have taught about patience and self-control so we would protect children from sin. IMG_3047We are happy to notice that the children have stopped to mock each other, less they ridicule somebody else’s limitations. Those are the steps we see in the change of their hearts. In one of our meetings we have showed a cartoon based on Max Lucado story “Green nose”. Many children want to look like those who show not the right example and through this cartoon we have showed what is going to be the result.
We are planning a June a summer camp for the children from this orphanage. Even right now we are praying that God would move! We come for a visit and leave but when we leave the orphanage we always pray that God will save and grow the seed that we have been planting there during the last several years.