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In March: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk, Uncategorized

DSC03784Every image given in the Bible is an example through which God wants to teach us something. Reading the story of Deborah again and again, I saw her passionate desire to fulfil God’s will, to be obedient in everything no matter how hard it would be. And as a result the Lord changed the life of the whole nation. DSC03827That’s impressive! We pray and dream about Belarus without orphans, the country where every child has his father and mother. We pray that kids’ lives will be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The beginning of spring in Rudensk was very active for us. The children took part in sport activities. Everyone wanted to win. So we noticed that some kids were happy and some were disappointed when they lost. DSC03853But it turned out to be an opportunity to tell them what we should do when we lose or meet any difficulties in life.
DSC03787 As we expected, there were more meetings for the girls and boys in Rudensk. We were talking with the girls about love and being in love and the difference between it. We also discussed how they should behave when they are on dates. There was one meeting called “Diets”. Together we tried to find out how to choose a healthy diet that won’t do any harm to the girls.
At the same time the boys have been taught how to manage their money and how to take life seriously. DSC03875There was a meeting for the boys where we talked about shaving. For many of them it was a little bit embarrassing. But we try not only to teach them moral values, but also to give them some practical advice for their life. Unfortunately, orphans don’t know the usual things that are ordinary for the children in families.
DSC03883We had a meeting called “Life without boundaries” where we showed the video about Nick Vujicic, a man without arms and legs, but full of love to God. Kids could see the difficulties Nick had to go through, so that now he could speak with people telling them that they are beautiful and loved by God.
We tried our best to show children that we are not able to change our past, but we can change our future.

In March: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2014 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

7XpHhVDTuMIHello my friends! We glad to have such an early spring here! As a result we have some changes in our lives and ministry. With the arrival of spring everybody goes outdoors to walk, to fish, to exercise at stadiums and our guys are not the exceptions.DSC03744 The problem is that our friends stopped coming to our lessons because they wanted to spend their time outdoors. To tell the truth, they wanted to be with us and to communicate but a long-awaited spring has won.
DSC03763 So we consulted about it and decided to go to their territory and communicate individually with them in the places they wanted to be. Such conditions helped us to gain confidence of children and it opened their hearts for our words about Jesus. We raised such topics as “why do we go to church?”, “why do we read the Bible?”, DSC03770“Life is not a game – we should have a serious attitude to it” and talked about many different questions. RUuwcEWqP1MGuys spoke actively and we were happy that they are not indifferent. This is the right time when we can build the basis of the Christian life in their minds hoping them to use this knowledge outside the orphanage. Especially it applies to graduates as they have to make a step into their own independent lives soon. We pray for our graduates to have enough efforts and confidence and also to be blessed by God in their choice concerning education and their future profession. We thank you for your support and ask you to join us in our prayers for graduates of the orphanages.

In March: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 30, 2014 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello, my dear friends!
DSC03904The beautiful spring time has come. I’m very glad we have an opportunity to visit orphanages in any time of the year. DSC03892In the orphanage in Smilovichi I’ve got many friends. There are children of different ages. Whether it is a teenager or a little child, they all are always looking forward to us. This month we’ve played, communicated, learned new topics, watched cartoons with them. A lot of children hardly know about God, but they really enjoy what we tell them. Most of all they like craftwork and drawing pictures on particular biblical themes. They always do their best to do all the tasks, answer the questions with joy and sometimes even ask their own questions. The characters of children are different. Some of them know us not so well, but gradually they begin to trust us more and more. IMG_2595They tell us what is going on in their lives and about their studies. IMG_2602Many of them share with us how they miss home, parents and friends, tell us about their fear of the unknown. During the main biblical lesson a part of our team separates in order to talk with those who are unsociable, often cry and hardly communicate. For such children we apply face-to-face communication which helps them to open up. And we should pray and believe that these children will open their hearts not only to us, but also to God!

In February: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 6, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Hello Dear Friends!
Time flies so fast that often I do not notice how everything has changing around me. For example I do not notice how children that we come to visit grow older. So sometimes I take a pause, look around and evaluate what I have achieved and where should I go next?
Thus this month we decided to evaluate what have IMG_2054we achieved in Rudensk orphanage. For this reason this month in our meetings we talked on the subjects of “Why do we need Bible?”, “Why do we need faith in God?”, “Why do we believe in God?” When Dima raised the subject of faith he started to ask our team members these kinIMG_2071d direct questions in front of orphans. For example he asked “Why do you believe in God?”, “Why your faith gives you?” The answers were very sincere because Dima did not warn us what kind of questions he is going to ask us. Therefore the children listened to the answers with extreme attention 🙂 After that Dima explained to children why he himself believes by using photo slides and Bible passages.
In addition this month we talked on the subject of love. Although we do not celebrate Valentin’s day it was a great opportunity to explain to children that there are different kinds of loveIMG_2055. We hoped that it will lead the children to think about their relationship with each other. We spoke bluntly that some people love only themselves. But the true love is this that you are caring for the person you love!IMG_2238
In our last meetings we watched an interesting Christian movie that raises the subjects of loneliness, suicide, teenage egoism, divorce of parents and the subject of Christian hypocrisy, when a person behaves well in the church but outside the church lead immoral life.
Time flies, children grow older and change. Sometime they change to the better side but sometimes unfortunately for the worse side. But we try very hard to do everything we can to help orphans to choose what is right so one day they would be able to meet God.
We thank everyone who prays for us and helps us!

In February: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 6, 2014 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

We chose the Book of Books – the Bible as the main subject of our conversations with DSC03600children in February.
We spoke with children why the Bible takes special place among a huge set of books (fantastic, informative, scientific, and different others). Because the Creator of the worIMG_2114ld speaks about Himself in it. He says how people should be with Him. The Bible tells stories of people who loved God, and teaches us to take example from them. Why do we read the Bible? We read it to understand what the Creator expects from us,to learn to live so that to b5OjItNWpFtAecome his children.
It seems to me very important to tell the children about it. There is a wish to believe that everything what they heard will help them in their future and that among many ways they will be able to distinguish and choose the correct one, and they will be able to avoid terrible mistakes and sins, having remembered the Creator.
IMG_2149I can’t but tell about children, and those discoveries which you make thanks to communication with them. It is not just about us teaching them. It is more. So, this month we run sport competitions with strong support of fans. We, teachers, also participated in the competitions.
DSC03589These games really united us: children and leaders who run together with them, children among themselves. Children though compete, but they also worry about each other. They are able to come to the rescue. One girl, Polina was especially remembered to me: she was so attentive to her friends, she helped all. She rushed to catch a ball, to help the friend after a command “to jump” to jump in a bag!
I like to see these children open and sincere. They don’t pretend they are sincere. None of them should be persuaded, they are all very active.