In April: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: May 4, 2014 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC03912Time is passing by very fast! It seems that school year has started not long ago. However, it is coming to the end. Our children got one year older. In a month, they will leave the Grozovskij orphanage. We might not see them again. But we want to believe that our meetings were not in vain and seeds, which we planted, sooner or later will bring fruit!DSC03915

In April, we had many personal conversations with children. They trust us more and more with their issues. They share with us their lives. The most important topic is – what will happen with them when the orphanage will close. hUxCa2FDuAsWe had different topics, but most of all we tried to review topics, which we discussed before. We asked them different questions so that they will remember what they have heard. It was pleasant to hear that some children easily remembered what they have heard from us last year or in the beginning of the school year. In the end of the meetings, children received sweet gifts. 85Niq9xm67cOne can see that regardless of different difficulties, which we had before, children are ready to be themselves and open up as they are. Praise the Lord!

uXPTH9kb4UkSome of our meetings were dedicated to the art. We applied Bible lessons to it. We were spending more time outside. Children like it. One of our meetings was dedicated to the topic of Easter. Through drama, children had an opportunity to hear again about why Jesus Christ suffered on the Cross. This drama skit did not only include the sufferings, but also the joy from Christ’s resurrection.

Some of our children have many worries. Someone insults them, other don’t understand them. However, they know that they can trust us and God. Praise God that children trust us and pray up loud in front of other children, sharing their problems and worries. I am very happy to spend time with these children.

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