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In April: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: May 4, 2014 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

DSC04082Greetings to you our dear readers. We thank God for another month of ministry in Grozovo boarding school. We celebrated a wonderful accassion this month – Easter. DSC04114We coudn’t leave it behind so we invited an acting group from the church. The team got verry excited with this invitation and put on an Easter theme play for the children. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Many guys have neever been at the theatre, moreover, they’ve never seen a christian perfomance. DSC04127At the end it children had many questions about the death and resurection of Jesus Christ. We answered their questions. we also made them think about : who they belong to? are they forgiven or not? Will they be in heaven with Christ or not? and many other questions. DSC04129Nobody wanted that evening to be over. We also visited the school another time when we could spend more time with children and talk to them closer. We discussed several tpics. DSC03930For example, why I go to church, fortune-telling, different pleasures that the world offers us and where they can lead us to, the reality of life and may other topics. We especially paid a lot of attention to the graduates. As the summer time is getting closer, we realise that we won’t be able to see the kids for a while and the young adults who are leaving Grozovo boarding school won’t be back as they start another page of their lives. We try to become friends to them so that if they need any help or advice they can ask for it without any fear of rejection. Also, we’d like them to remember that they can go to church with us, we want them to accept Christ in to their hearts and serve the Lord. The desire of our hearts is that all children finishing school will find a place and a feeling of belonging to church and also to God. Join us in this prayer.

In April: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: May 4, 2014 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Greetings dear readers!
DSCN3819It brings us gratefulness and joy that you are care about orphans’ lives and our ministry to them.
DSCN3826We are also grateful for people who help us to translate these articles. Our translation is not always great (we don’t have good consistent translator, so many people help with it). However, we want to say that our Lord is great whom we preach. He loves and cares about us and orphans, which is most important!
DSCN3837This month was not easy. Nevertheless, we were able to share very important topics with children. We used their own examples to show the guilt and pay for sins, which they commit. They did not take their own sins. Jesus Christ was crucified, beaten up, and humiliated for their salvation. It was a wonderful lesson, which no one ignored.DSCN3825 It was important even for those who taught the lesson!
This Thursday, we were planning to have another meeting with Muppet show, during which children would hear about Easter again. DSCN3828Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, we were asked not to come to the orphanage and we don’t know what will happen next. DSCN3852Either we will be allowed to come more or no visits to this orphanage anymore. We are asking you to pray about orphanage administration, children and their parents. Please ask for God’s mercy for us, our trips, and communication with the children to continue. Let God’s mercy and grace be with you, so you could work for His glory! As Paul said in 1st Corinthians 3:5-7 “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow”

DSC03912Time is passing by very fast! It seems that school year has started not long ago. However, it is coming to the end. Our children got one year older. In a month, they will leave the Grozovskij orphanage. We might not see them again. But we want to believe that our meetings were not in vain and seeds, which we planted, sooner or later will bring fruit!DSC03915

In April, we had many personal conversations with children. They trust us more and more with their issues. They share with us their lives. The most important topic is – what will happen with them when the orphanage will close. hUxCa2FDuAsWe had different topics, but most of all we tried to review topics, which we discussed before. We asked them different questions so that they will remember what they have heard. It was pleasant to hear that some children easily remembered what they have heard from us last year or in the beginning of the school year. In the end of the meetings, children received sweet gifts. 85Niq9xm67cOne can see that regardless of different difficulties, which we had before, children are ready to be themselves and open up as they are. Praise the Lord!

uXPTH9kb4UkSome of our meetings were dedicated to the art. We applied Bible lessons to it. We were spending more time outside. Children like it. One of our meetings was dedicated to the topic of Easter. Through drama, children had an opportunity to hear again about why Jesus Christ suffered on the Cross. This drama skit did not only include the sufferings, but also the joy from Christ’s resurrection.

Some of our children have many worries. Someone insults them, other don’t understand them. However, they know that they can trust us and God. Praise God that children trust us and pray up loud in front of other children, sharing their problems and worries. I am very happy to spend time with these children.

In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 4, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC04235Another spring month is about to end. At this time of the year most of the children usually try to spend much time outside because the mood of children together with the nature becomes lively.DSC04221

When it is warm they do not want to be in the classrooms and do the exercises. But we are so glad that they come to our meetings, although they sacrifice an opportunity to be outside.8t6lDLEYKvk They open the classrooms, help us with the chairs and equipment.DSC03952

In April we and children discussed why people need the church, how to be independent from other people’s opinion and, of course, the idea of the Easter. DSC04055We organized a theatrical performance so that they could hear about the importance of Jesus Christ’s coming to the Earth. The cast showed where the sin leads to, DSC04063how it deprives people of freedom. But Jesus suffered in order to give them long-awaited freedom. Also we organized competitions and then divided boys and girls. Boys listened to the topic “Pornography. How to resist temptation”. With girls we learned about Debora – a judge who was female.

Next month we are planning to give our children more joy. If the weather is fine, the meetings will be outside.