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In May: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: June 2, 2015 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

High school students in Belynichy orphanage prepare for final tests these days. IMG_8654During our visits guys passionately share with us about their progress in studies during the late week and also about their preparation for moving to new towns. It’s easy to feel how they’re nervous about something new and unknown. IMG_8966In such a period guys are in a big need of personal relationship and they’re more open to prayers. That’s why we’re focusing on communicating to each of them personally, «tet-a-tet». Besides that we had common meetings for all children, of course.mkNVPN_NUK4 The main topics of our meetings on May were: «God is our Helper in needs» and «Faith».
Also guys from our team played volleyball with older boys this month. Sports is a wonderful opportunity to teach children how to accept wins and loses in a right way because during the game children usually fully express their characters.
For the smallest children we organized the puppet-play, IMG_9027we were watching biblical cartoons and continued learning about Bible characters on common lessons. This time we learnt about Moses and Elijah.IMG_9021 It’s very encouraging that kids can perceive the information and remember biblical lessons because that is very hard for them by harsh medical reasons. Our God is God of wonders! Moreover, we have success in the discipline! Our kids behave much better. Earlier, leaving the children we had our voices lost. That happened because we always had to speak louder so that the children could hear us. Now that doesn’t happen because our kids are changing for the better. These are our pleasant news!