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In April: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: May 14, 2015 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

One more spring month flew away! The weather didn’t give us many sunny days and much spring IMG_8056fragrance. But we were noticing God’s hand even in this, for usually spring is a period of time when children don’t want to stay indoors and try to run outside. It is the hardest part of the year if we are speaking about gathering childreIMG_8213n together. That’s why we want to thank God for any weather and the opportunities to bring all the children together and help them know God closer.
This month we were looking at our God’s features and were taking a many-colored block as an example. Each color meant one of the features of God. For instance, the red one told us that God was love and IMG_8100the green one that God was the Creator. Besides, we celebrated Easter in April! It was a wonderful opportunity to tell the children about God’s love towards people and about the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the children are mostly from the faIMG_8252milies where people just color eggs and bake sweet cakes, but they’ve never heard of the true meaning of this holiday. So, we had a good possibility to share with them the biblical understanding of Easter.
Last month we informed you that the children in Smilovichi orphanage are keen on crafts. So, we organized one more meeting devoted to crafts according to our new tradition. This meeting showed us again that all the children differ from each other but all of them are talented. Glory to for this month!

In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 9, 2015 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

IMG_8206This April the orphanage Belynichy had a chaIMG_8315nce to hear what our God the Creator has done for us, about his plan of salvation as we celebrated Easter. I was so excited to see all these familiar faces and to see how they congratulate each other on Christ’s Resurrection Day. We told the orphans about how Christ came into this world for us because of His great love He’s got for us and He cameIMG_8581 to show the way and to give a chance to every person to hear about Him and bIMG_8312e saved, get a new sense of life, joy and fulfillment in God. The orphans were sitting calm and thoughtful which happens quite rarely. We hope all that they have heard will help them in the future to choose the way among other different ways which leads to Christ, and they will be able to avoid the mistakes and sins remembering all they know about God.IMG_8323
We also ran a sport competition at the orphanage this month. Playing sport games really joins kids together: tIMG_8608he leaders and the orphans, the orphans among each other. The kids compete with each other, they can sometimes argue or shout the odds but they are sincere in this. They are genuine, they don’t pretend. We don’t convince them they need to participate, they are very active. I like communicating with the orphans, seeing their friendly smiles and joy they have when we visit them. Wewould like the orphans to have real changes in lives.

In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 5, 2015 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

This month we continued to minister to the orphans of the Rudensk orphanage
IMG_7998In April together with children we have celebrated the wonderful Holiday of Easter. And we have celebrated it in a very unusual way. IMG_8031Because the roots of the Easter go to the history of the Jewish nation, we have invited a Jew so he would show and explain the origins of Easter and what does it mean for the whole mankind.
At another meeting we spoke on the subject of betrayal. Nobody loves when he is betrayed therefore the subject was very current. IMG_8297At this lesson we helped children to look at themselves and to try to remember how often they have betrayed other people.IMG_8489
Yet at the other meeting we talked on the subject of success. Every person is worried about what is going to happen to him in the future. Are they going to be winners or losers in this life? Are they going to succeed in this life or are they going to have nothing. We have discussed who is “an agile person” from the book of Proverbs and how many times you have to lose to become a winner.
Helpful lessons are not the only activity that we do, we also play games with children and it is a fun way to help them develop physically. IMG_8533Carrying water in a spoon to a glass, cutting balloons with closed eyes and building giant letters from their own team –IMG_8121 these are just a few examples of fun games we play with kids. Through these games they learn to trust each other, to be united in a team, sometimes they learn to loose but at the same time to never lose hope.
At the last meeting we told children that they have to serve each other. On the example of the story of the Good Samaritan we have discussed what compassion is.
We also had an opportunity to give children a little bit of clothing. We thank those who provided the clothing!
We are glad that we have an opportunity to minister in Rudensk orphanage!

In April: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: May 4, 2015 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

This time we are going to tell you about our work with little kids. JL61rKCLq4EI couldn’t tell you about it, mLONeSes8O4because I work with older kids. There are three people working with little children, they are Olya, Anastacia and Veronica. I asked them to write a little note about their ministry, so here it is: Hi everyone! I’m Olya and this is my first letter to you. Children from Vileyka boarding school are always happy when somebody visits them. When we walk along the hall, we always hear “Hello-s” from everywhere. Myself, Nastya and Veronica are involved in work with the second grade students. They are very talkative and easy-going, they like telling how they are doing, they show pictures they draw, they enjoy playing drawing. Q7rh7G4H_IMThey listen to Bible stories with a great interest and ask a lot of questions. Once it happened that there were 4 weeks between our first and second trip, IMG_8352and we were surprised that children remembered the topic we were talking at our first meeting. It is so amazing to see how God works in these little hearts, how they change gradually and become well-behaved. We were pleased to hear when kids asked us to bring Children’s Bibles. Now everyone has his own Bible and tell us stories from it even before we talk about them. We praise God for the opportunity to spend time with these children.