In April: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: May 4, 2015 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

This time we are going to tell you about our work with little kids. JL61rKCLq4EI couldn’t tell you about it, mLONeSes8O4because I work with older kids. There are three people working with little children, they are Olya, Anastacia and Veronica. I asked them to write a little note about their ministry, so here it is: Hi everyone! I’m Olya and this is my first letter to you. Children from Vileyka boarding school are always happy when somebody visits them. When we walk along the hall, we always hear “Hello-s” from everywhere. Myself, Nastya and Veronica are involved in work with the second grade students. They are very talkative and easy-going, they like telling how they are doing, they show pictures they draw, they enjoy playing drawing. Q7rh7G4H_IMThey listen to Bible stories with a great interest and ask a lot of questions. Once it happened that there were 4 weeks between our first and second trip, IMG_8352and we were surprised that children remembered the topic we were talking at our first meeting. It is so amazing to see how God works in these little hearts, how they change gradually and become well-behaved. We were pleased to hear when kids asked us to bring Children’s Bibles. Now everyone has his own Bible and tell us stories from it even before we talk about them. We praise God for the opportunity to spend time with these children.

  1. Yegor T. says:

    Слава Богу, что дети так хорошо запоминают Библейские истории и даже попросили детские Библии и сами их читают и рассказывают вам истории из Библии! Действительбно, это Бог так работает в их сердцах!!!

  2. Yegor T. says:

    Классные фотографии! 🙂

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