In March: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: April 1, 2015 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

This month we had one visit more to the Smilovichi orphanage. At the momeIMG_7960nt, there have become IMG_7459more children again and there are still more boys. Many children went to new families or permanent orphanages. But some new children also came, who are are in abeyance. As these children are from different age groups and the make-up of children often changes, we made a decision to discuss with them the most significant and at the same time simple for their perception topics. In March we discussed such themes as: ‘Prayer is a talk with God’, ‘God accepts us just as we are’, ‘The Bible is the word of God’, ‘God’s features’. Some children heard about God for the first time and prayed with us.
The reason foIMG_7941r our special joy is the attitude oIMG_7936f governors to the children and to us. They gather the children and bring them to our meetings. We see their love and care for the children. Glory to God! It is revealed in the children’s behavior. They always try to take part in all our activities and don’t just listen to the stories during biblical lessons, but participate in dialogues and even learn the lessons. We have also noticed that the children in this orphanage are keen on crafts. So, we devoted the whole hour to the crafts during one of our visits. We printed the photos and the children made frames for them. It was a good time becauIMG_7468se each member of the team was able to devote his/her attention to 1-2 IMG_7385children and not just help them with crafts but communicate with them closer.
Next month the children and we are waiting for the Easter day. It is a good opportunity to tell the children about the feat of Jesus Christ. And it will enable the children to know more about God and develop their artistic abilities, because we are planning to make ornaments for the holiday together with them.

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