In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 30, 2015 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

vetkaThis December we didn’t have a lot of trips to the orphanage in Belinichy. It was because the IMG_4115director of the orphanage died. Both kids and the personnel of the orphanage need time to overcome this loss and the administrative personnel asked us toIMG_4240 reduce on our visits. But nevertheless, we managed to teach some lessons. Senior kids had lessons dedicated to anger and greediness. We also ran some sport activities and a lot of kids came to the event. Sometimes we can see orphans compete and even being hostile to each other as they want to be the best. Our volunteers are encouraged to play with orphans in order to teach them the importance of unity and team. At the end of sport activities all participants got sweet presents. OrphansIMG_4188 adore them.
Junior orphans had a different plan. TheyIMG_4253 focused on studying Bible stories from New Testament. This month they learnt a story about how Christ calmed a storm and a story about the lost sheep. Orphans understood there is nothing impossible for God and even nature obeys God. Another idea we tried to underline is that each person matters for God. Orphans had a chance to watch a cartoon about the King Solomon and from this cartoons kids could learn that sense and wisdom come from God.
This December was quite rainy and dull. We were so glad to see the orphanage building all decorated and bright, with a Christmas tree. Our great dIMG_4271esire is that orphans could understand not only the beIMG_4245auty of Christmas decorations but also the meaning of Christmas. We sang Christmas Christian songs and played games that refer to the topic of Christmas. At the beginning of January we are going to make a Christmas performance for kids and give presents. We ask you to pray for making our plan come true and so that the whole performance was clear to orphans as they have some mental and physical disabilities.

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