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In January: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: January 25, 2016 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

IMG_4356Visits to Rudensk in January started from a big theatrical performance about the Birth of Jesus Christ. The performance gathered all the children and teachers of the orphanage. Afterwards every child received a long-awaitedIMG_4449 Christmas present.
Besides that, we also held a guy’s party and a girl’s party this month. Together with boys we discussed how important it is to strive for something in life. We were thinking about thIMG_4367e necessity of dreaming more, setting more goals in life and wanting to achieve them. We discussed that often we are wasting our time and that one should listen to the advice of the elders, IMG_4455and that it is also possible to achieve the best results only through hard work. Together with girls we were discussing abortion and its consequences. We read real life stories where women shared the experience they had to live through and how badly they regret doing the abortion.IMG_4385
During next meetings we discussed themes “lies” and “theft”. We showed to the children that after an easy benefit there comes a bitter forfeit. Temporary success gained from lies or theft returnes IMG_4493as a punishment not only form people but also from God. We tried to vary every meeting with singing, playing games, watching video clips. We also have a good tradition to congratulate the birthday person. Everyone says their wishes to the birthday person and after that we pray for him/her altogether.
IMG_4417More and more new children who had not appeared before come to visit our meetings. We try to create pleasant atmosphere during our discussions to make the meetings not only interesting but also useful. We see that the relationships between children become better. They quarrel less, respect and support each 10682211other more. We are very glad that God lets us continue going to the orphanages in spite of facing various difficulties both financial and spiritual. But the work continues, and we thank God and those who pray for us. Thank you for participating in this ministry!