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In January: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: January 27, 2016 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Greeting you my friends!
January turn out with bright impressions and memories: kids faces, their smile, happiness and a fire full of hope, wish burning up in their hearts. This month we could of work wIMG_4429ith kids from Belinichу boarding school. No matter that it was an eve and vacations, many kidsIMG_4432 were supposed to stay for the whole period in the boarding school. Year by year passing by, and they are waiting for the miracle to happen- that someone will take them home. Sometimes “home”-its battered word and mostly child doesn’t give it any importance? But those kids are dreaming and praying to leave the boarding school even for the events .They in need of love and care, like a kids, who has a family.
9th of January with the team more that 30 people went to organize special daysimage-26836efa13b9bdcba4266184b1a33f750d28e6a2f289eef43d8f9586167ed64f-V for kids. Kids watched a big Christmas show invoIMG_4437lving adults and kids. The atmosphere that day was really festive. Kids seen not only the performance but also they could of hear a new Christian songs from a kids choir? Also could play a games and talk to volunteers ? who organized that for them. The meeting ended with a nice thing- giving presents.
Throughout the month, we came to the guys every Thursday, despite the snow and sometimes big snowfall. Bible lessons were held as a teenage, so as babies. Older children raised such topics as: “Lies”, “theft” and “laziness.” But the kids conimage-61468d02ff2d89440c592cfab41a501b262e5cad34ce02d46964cb987f72efa6-Vtinued to get acquaintIMG_4562ed with the biblical stories of the New Testament: “The story of the rich man and Lazarus,” “About 10 lepers” and “prayer of the Pharisee and the publican.”
Despite the diagnosis of children, we see how the guys are changing for the better side, especially in relationships with each other and also with teachers. Children learn the skills of the Christian life. It remains to pray and believe that they will not 10682211forget what they hear on our lessons and will take this knowledge’s in their life, even when they will go on their own life, without the boarding. And, perhaps, I wont be mistaken if I say that the main thing in our travels – is changed life of an orphaned child, in which there is a believe that anything is ti happen in life- there is nothing impossible for God!