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In March: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: April 2, 2016 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

0_8a6c4_c13c3ca1_MIt is not a secret for anyone that the world needs changes! There is so little peace and hope and so much worrying about everything under the sun. The world needs real Authority.IMG_4952 Our kids who live in Rudensk orphanage also need it. They look at adults and adopt their values. That’s why our task is to give them choice. They should choose between the life with God and the life without Him. We want to show them that society which is without God is overwhelmed by sins and lies.IMG_5004 We want to show that people who don’t believe in God fail in their lives and feel disappointed and hurt and, finally, to show that there is a way out in God and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
This month we continued to help orphans meet challenges which concern every teenager. Long-awaited spring eventually came to Belarus bringing with it a lot of positive emotions! It is not accident that many poets call it ‘the time of love’. Modern teenagers begin to date, fall in love and, sadly, often make mistakes believing that intimacy is the most important characteristic of love.IMG_4871 And young orphans are especially prone to false feelings. This happens because girls lacked their fathers’ attention and boys didn’t see an example of caring and loving mothers. That’s why this month we raised the topic ‘Love and Affection’. IMG_4924First the teenagers felt shy a little but then they quite openly discussed this topic with us and some of them even shared their worries. We didn’t just want to keep them from making mistakes but also give them some advice how to build lasting relationships that will lead to a happy marriage.
Besides, we talked about such things as ‘Cunning and Slyness’ and ‘Hypocrisy’. We took these topics because kids, even the smallest, are able to be slier than grown-ups. IMG_4883We didn’t just want to show the kids that they, probably, have such sins but to underline the consequences they can lead to. We also decided to make our meetings in Rudensk orphanage more diverse by watching a cartoon, which revealed the theme devoted to different emotions that influence not only our life but also lives of people around us. We are eager to help orphans estimate their lives in the light of the Word God – the Bible.
If anyone who reads this article will want to change someone’s life, especially the life of an orphan, he or she simply needs to set a goal and try to fulfill it, because God Himself will lead them as He especially loves orphans and blesses those who care for them.