In May: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2016 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

The month of May was special and we thank the Lord that Sasha and Alina were adopted. We are so glad to see how more and morIMG_5247e children are adopted into families or are accepted into foster families and there are less and less orphans  left.

At one of our meetings we told the kids how the Universe was created, about the fist people on Earth – Adam and Eve – and about the fall. Many of the orphans heard this for the first time in their life and they asked a  lot of questions. We noticed that they were drawnIMG_5499 by the truth and they confronted the lie that used to be taught to them in school, the misconception of  that people originated from monkeys was completely beaten.

Another special day at Simage-b9a823d8f76dde69268dc38e5808f511c2c4ba34e3703569e030e555b96598dc-Vmilovichy was when we organized a trip to the circus in Minsk.  It was the first experience for some of the kids and they were really impressed and thankful.  The performance was so amazing, there were  plenty of diverse astonishing animals that the orphans only knew about and  had a chance to see them live for the first time. We praIMG_5250ise the Lord for this good opportunity to organize this event for the orphans.

This week we taught about sin. We discussed what sin is and how to stop sinning. We heard some confessions. One of the kid shared that he dimage-e193f5efa95bfc1e10a70c605aad9c796906e9510fb6d51fc8396f6edda46501-Voes a lot of bad sins: he smokes, curses when he gets angry at people. He asked to help him out with struggling with these sins. We tried to explain him how to get freedom from this slavery of a sin.

We want to thank all of you who pray for the ministry to orphans. We bear witness of the real changes in the lives of orphans and their salvation as well.

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