In September: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: October 1, 2016 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

Summer is over and September is here. We looked forward to it so much, but we also had some fear about it. We had a great desire to continue visiting children and evangelising, but a question popped out “how to do it and what transport to use”? The team has prayed a lot and waited for the answer from God. And we got this answer very soon, and a new member to our team – Aleksei.img_9139

We discussed the format of our meeting with team beforehand: first 15-20 minutes we communicate with all kids and then we split into groups. We were worrying a little. We didn’t know what to expect and how the children will react to “the news” we had. img_9141Nevertheless, even here we saw God’s mercy. Children were running to us shouting “They’ve arrived” when they saw us coming through the school gates.
We all gathered in an assembly hall. There were lots of children, like never before. During the summer 20 new children came to this school. We could also see that the children have grown up. Everybody wanted to get some attention. Some children couldn’t wait to go to their mini groups to share what has happened to them during the summer. image-0-02-05-e3f841603f8324a7cab8e2d4dbf59d107220f3fb4f4b455eacc89b858eb2edfb-vAnd after that, we all met again.
Children were soaking up every word and they were so excited. We sang, played games, learned and repeated the rules to keep discipline. Many kids asked about Pasha. We knew what to tell them even before our visit. We decided to tell them the story as it is. We talked about Pasha’s love for this school, to be exact – his love for the children , image-0-02-05-7c7c03af82d208ab961e5e0053c21808b120d0ccb53352481f5192e11cf00117-vand that now he is in heaven with the Lord, Who loves every one of us, and if we accept Him into our hearts we will meet up in Heaven one day.
After 20 minutes we all split into groups. I’ll share about the meeting with the little ones. It was the time when everybody could share what he did in summer, and for us, it was the time when we could devote time and attention to every kid. We had sweet treats for kids in our group and we talked about friendship. We remembered once again Who is our true best friend and the examples of friendship from the Bible img_9147( many of which we talked about last year). We were delighted to hear kids talking about last year stories interrupting each other. We could see that it wasn’t difficult for them, but important. They even corrected each other. One boy once said:
– My Italian mum said there is no God, and that everything written in the Bible is a fairy-tale.image-0-02-05-b048130678c95aff95f553a8d40b7f14ffaf6e96a2b014ed511c0167ee3550d1-v
– We were about to start talking about it, when Lyonia interrupted us and with strong assurance said:
– Your mum must have confused something or maybe she knows nothing because I know that everything, written in the Bible, is true! I know it!
That was such an encouragement for us. We see how God shows us His love through the kids. We see how He shows the changes in these little hearts. Some time ago when we came to this school we could only see in their hearts pain, fear and desire to win attention for themselves, now they are different. Sometimes we even don’t have to explain how we can use the examples from the Bible for our own life – children show us how to straight away. Praise God for His love and mercy to us that we get through this ministry as well.

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