Winter camp: “Friendship week”

Posted: January 16, 2017 by Dobr9k in Camps

Winter camp “Friendship week”, organized for Belynichi boarding-school, dsc_0202has finished our year and has started a new year. For several months we have been talking with children about friendship. So the goal of this camp was to show in practice what dsc_0152we’ve been talking about and to tell them about perfect friendship that the Lord gives people.
Every day was full of different activities: lots of sports, creativity classes, watching Christian movies, plays, dsc_0170Bible lessons and one-to-one personal talks. We wanted every minute of the camp to be filled with God’s sense, so that every child who lacks attention and care would get it.dsc_0150
It was sometimes hard to get closer in communication to some kids as they have physical as well as psychological problems. Nevertheless, God gave such love for those kids that they became the most unique and favorite for us. dsc_0186Most of all we are pleased to see that the kids became more open, they want to know more about God, to pray and read the Bible. Praise the Lord! dsc_0463We are also delighted that those mentors and teachers who worked in the school help us a lot even though it was a holiday time for them. For example, they helped children get ready and come to our meetings. That helped a lot.
We are really grateful to God for this wonderful time! Thank you everyone who prayed for us and helped us financially. May God bless YOU for your kind and open hearts to this ministry for orphans.

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